Do I still need RFPNW

Quick side question, I just need to take PSC lifeboat to get my AB Unlimited, and have a 100T Master Near Coastal. Do I still need RFPNW or does my 100T cover that?
It’s all pretty confusing…

You would still need RFPNW to get on with certain companies. You could get on with other companies, though, until you get your RFPNW.

RFPNW is STCW and a 100T license doesn’t cover that. Without RFPNW you won’t be able to work on vessels subject to STCW, which is anything you need a 500 ton license or bigger to run.

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Many companies, down here, are looking for AB’s with RFPNW!

Yes, because it’s required in order to work as an AB on anything bigger than a crew boat.

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Many companies are in need of AB’s. One company needs about 10.

No, it doesn’t cover it. But you are confusing and intermixing domestic with STCW endorsements. You can get the national/ domestic endorsement of Able Seaman without the STCW endorsement of RFPNW. How employable you will be without the STCW endorsements of RFPNW and Able Seafarer-Deck is another issue.

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Thanks. I’m confused because it is confusing.

I may have been too general. You can’t get RFPNW solely because you hold a 100 GRT license. But, the time under that license, and possibly to get it, may be acceptable to meet the service required for RFPNW. That still leaves the demonstration of meeting the standard of competence or “assessment” requirement. These are a series of demonstrations you perform under the observation of a ship’s officer. These are found in Enclosure (2) of NVIC 6-14.

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Thanks! It looks like I may also need Basic Training. Very confusing!

That would be a prerequisite to getting RFPNW. I would suggest starting on the assessments and waiting until you are nearly done before investing in the training. Your employment picture may change and you may not need STCW endorsements, or you might find an employer willing to pay for the training.

Not to hijack the thread, but it would make sense to augment the training/requirements for 100T, etc. so that they conform with some of these sctw training requirements because there is obviously tons of overlap. I could see requiring an assessment of some kind, but I can’t see how USCG justify giving people credentials as master of a 100T vessel who aren’t qualified to maintain a watch on a larger vessel.

There are a lot of similarities but a 100 ton license will not help someone steer and unlimited tonnage ship, which is what is covered in a lot of the assessments.

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Notwithstanding whether or not watchkeeping and helmsman skills on a vessel of 100 GRT are immediately transferable to a much larger vessel, that might be inconsistent with applicable law. See 46 U.S. Code 8702(d):

[On a vessel of at least 100 Gross tons] An individual having a rating of less than able seaman may not be permitted at the wheel in ports, harbors, and other waters subject to congested vessel traffic, or under conditions of reduced visibility, adverse weather, or other hazardous circumstances.

That’s fair. My main point was the training requirements. Reading through the assessments provided in NVIC 6-14, (which looks like can be done on a simulator or 200/500GT ship) there is really nothing which isn’t already covered in an 80-hour 100T course. Looks like Basic Training is also a big part of the requirements.

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Apart from Basic Training, which just about everyone on a vessel subject to STCW must have (and maintain with recurring training), there are no training requirements for RFPNW (or Able Seafarer-Deck). You only need to demonstrate you can perform the duties of the position (assessments).

You aren’t suggesting that answering a multiple choice question on a license exam is the same as donning gear and putting out fires, boarding life rafts from the water, righting a capsized/inverted raft or performing CPR, etc. are you? Except for “Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities” Basic Training is hands on practical training. And as I noted, everyone on board from top to bottom needs this training and has to refresh (or re-validate) it every five years.

No. I’m not suggesting that. I didn’t ever suggest that.
I understand from gcaptain that 100T license is subject to abject ridicule. Maybe that is part of the problem? That it shouldn’t be a joke to be licensed where dozens of lives are your responsibility?

I hear ya, I feel for ya as well. I started in the industry with a 100 ton master and had to jump through all the hoops to get my AB(and associated endorsements) but it all eventually led to me having my unlimited mates license and hopefully unlimited master soon.

At first I felt like I was starting all over, taking a step back, because the 100 ton meant nothing on larger tonnage boats. I never agreed with it at first, but, I quickly realized it’s two totally different animals.


Very nice reply, It’s Jody!

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Thanks, Jody,
It wasn’t meant to be a complaint, at least not initially. It is what it is. I only got this license because the training was local and I have something like 4,000 days of sea time and over 20K miles on larger race yachts, etc… I’m old…
I’m actually more interested in getting work in my specialty on a geotechnical drilling/survey ship, so most of this is just ancillary. I also need stuff like helicopter rescue training, etc…