Would anyone know this about stcw?

<P>Ive been pondering this question sense I got back my mmd,stcw an new lic.in 06,I have a ab/unl.and on the old stcw95 they had put lifeboatman,an on the new one their is none.When I turned in my seatime Ive had deep sea time and a little domestic coastwise- gom time.I`am currently working in the gulf with my lic.but want the option to sail deepwater if I want to and I would need my lifeboatman on a ship.And as we all know when calling the coasties in houston good luck getting through.I live 2hrs away from houston,just trying to save a little gas and finding a little info on this forum.and thanks for any info. </P>

Low an behold I got in touch with the rec in houston an found out it was not required on the stcw doc.if having an ab/special,limited,or unlimited.I knew it wasn`t required on a mmd,now I know it not required on stcw.

Do you have a license and is that included on the STCW certificate? If so, there would be no need to print RFPNW (AB) or Profciency in Survival Craft (Lifeboatman) on the certificate as they’re required for the license and thus included. There was some inconcistency on how some RECs did this in the past and some may have put it on anyway. My own is from Boston and they just put the license on the STCW.<br><br>
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<P>No sir,I dont have my licence on my stcw,I only have a 100 ton master nc.and I do know they are not even required to get stcw with a 100 ton licence. </P>

If you are an AB Unlimited your are a lifeboatman by default. They used to print Lifeboatman on the MMD for an AB Unlimited but don’t anymore as it’s redundant info.