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Professional Mariner Forum

This is the main area of the forum, all general merchant marine discussion goes here...

Homepage News

This is the place to post comments about recent articles posted to the gCaptain homepage.


Exploratory drilling, workboats, dynamic positioning, etc. All offshore oil and gas related posts. Drill crews, subsea hands and other O&G professionals welcome.

Maritime News

Breaking maritime news stories plus information on regulatory changes, problems facing the industry or new information that pertains to shipping.

In Service

A forum for members of US Coast Guard, Navy, Fire Departments and others working to make the seas a safer and more secure place to work.

Maritime Academy

A forum to discuss Maritime Academy news and information. 7 Maritime Academies in the States and numerous overseas are tasked with training Merchant Marine (Merchant Navy) officers, navy/Coast Guard officers, or members of the marine transportation industry. Students are trained in Marine Engineering, navigation, ship's administration, maritime law, personnel management, international law, customs, and many other subjects important to the task of running a large ship. This forum is to discuss news, information and all matters that relate to these institutions.

Maritime Employment

Your place to discuss merchant marine jobs and advance your career. Also be sure to visit our view and post jobs on gCaptain's new Maritime Jobs Board.

For Sale & Wanted

Craigslist for mariners. Buy, sell or trade maritime related goods or services. Note: This topic is currently open to all but we reserve the right to limit it based on forum participation or charge for future listings.


Scuttlebutt and Off-topic. Non-maritime talk plus jokes, rumors and innuendo belong here.