STCW needed?

I presently have a NC license with out STCW. I previously had STCW but it was removed without notic when I renewed 2-3 years ago. Do I need STCW if sailing outside of the demarcation line while still sailing domestic?

I understand I need it for foreign sailing, but domestic? Say VA to NYC or JAX?

Thanks in advance.

I can’t say for sure either way but I know most companies will probably require it anyway. It is a bit of a grey area and companies seem to take a stricter approach than absolutely necessary to avoid complications with regulators.

I would say try to get it back. It is a short refresher course to do that…

Are you sure you had an STCW rating (like II/1, II/2, II/3)? or just “The holder of this License meets STCW 95 without further endorsement” (for 100 ton Master)? there is a difference between the two… anyway for domestic you do not need a STCW rating … 100 ton master meets domestic stcw requirements

OK that must have been why they removed/reworded things in my book, I upgraded. Ive already got school set up.