STCW for 1600 ton Master Near Coastal Exam

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I am looking to take the 1600 ton Master exam. Either Inland of Near Coastal. I know to sit for Inland, you need Radar Observer and Basic and Advanced Firefighting. If I were to sit for the 1600 ton Near Coastal, what STCW is needed to sit for that exam? Thanks in advance.


None. STCW and the license are separate. You don’t need STCW to sit for a license. Any license.

But, you are going to be extremely limited in where you can use the license without a corresponding STCW endorsement. Note also to get an STCW endorsement for Master you need to meet all of the requirements for both Master AND officer in charge of a navigational watch.

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Thanks for responding. I really only plan on using the Inland license in the future. I don’t ever see myself using the Near Coastal license. Should I even bother going for the Near Coastal then?


How does this relate to “renewing” an expired STCW?

I just renewed my license from continuity, domestic only I did not ask for renewal of any of my previously held STCW endorsements, III/1 and III/2. The checklist is pretty clear on courses, but gets very murky on assessments. What does “not previously satisfied mean” as it relates to having held STCW previously? My thought was to get III/1 so I have something on paper while I do the extra courses and upgrade to III/2 ater.

I have CE Ltd 4,000HP, DDE AHP, and 2AE/3AE (different modes)

Generally to restore STCW when you take the license out of continuity you have to do all of the stuff required to renew STCW at the time you come out of continuity plus any one time requirements that took effect while you were in continuity, the one time requirements are the not previously satisfied part.

At a minimum, you probably need Basic Safety, and Advanced Firefighting renewal courses, and if you had proficiency in survival craft, a renewal for that. If you did not do the one time stuff circa 2017, you would also need Engineroom Resource Management (ERM), Leadership & Managerial Skills, and Management of Electrical and Electronic Control Equipment (MEECE). For you, those would be the not satisfied.

If you are only doing OICEW (III/1) you don’t need the MEECE and can take Leadership & Teamwork instead of Leadership & Managerial Skills. The teamwork requirement has the option of assessments instead of a course. Other than that option you should not need assessments.

I’m confused, if you are sitting for an inland license, why would you have to take Rules of the Road that has International questions?

Read the notes at the bottom.

Inland only has the option of international or inland only, if you don’t take international you are limited where to only where the rules apply. Great Lakes and Inland must take the international rules exam.

Thank you, that is the clarity I was looking for and the even better … no surprises.

It seems fairly clear but I have a tendency at times to overanalyze when reading anything put out by Uncle Sam to my own detriment.

Thank again.

Read the notes at the bottom.

Inland only has the option of international or inland only, if you don’t take international you are limited where to only where the rules apply. Great Lakes and Inland must take the international rules exam.

Thanks for the clarification. The Great Lakes follow International Rules of the Road?

You never know. :man_shrugging:

I would highly recommend it.

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Since we’re on the topic:

360 days as Third Mate/OICNW will qualify you for 2nd Mate and to test for 1600grt Master. You however are not qualified for STCW II/2, correct? You need a bunch of additional time? So your 1600GRT Master is only Near Coastal? Is there a NVIC for this or is this just another one of those things where I spend all the time and money on the classes, submit, and hope I get an evaluator that goes in my favor?

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No, Inland.

There’s the CFR, which as a prospective Master you should be able to use. There’s also a NVIC. Did you even bother to look for it?


Honestly, no I didn’t. I’m still getting over the massive amounts of vagueness of the original OICNW, and NMC support consists of sending you checklists no matter the problem. I suppose there may be appropriate answers since licenses are taken with more consideration. I admit, I do have a bit of jadedness

Edit: but I did find this old post :wink:

That was about how to get different licenses, not when certain licenses or endorsements are required.

NVIC 1314. Less courses, lots of assessments.

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The checklists have direct references to each CFR. As Mr. Cavo said, as a prospective master you should know what’s in the CFR’s.

There are a lot of ambiguities such as some classes ‘expire’ after a year, or rather, must be submitted in that time frame, and can’t find the reference for that anywhere. It would be nice to have a list of which. Another thing I’ve heard many ship officers quote is that once you submit for an upgrade, you can’t use that seatime anymore - it becomes obsolete, yet the Coast Guard will tell you seatime never expires and is always good, so where does this misconception come from? Let’s say you complete a certain program and come out with AB Limited, on paper this is 540 days. Do you only need 540 more days for the 1080 required for Third Mate? This certain program includes classroom time and you don’t have a ‘real’ 540 sea days. I’m certainly missing many more examples, as I have met people through the course of many courses with the same issues pertaining to their own problems at hand. Simply referencing a checklist doesn’t address nitty gritty, and it seems CFRs can be interpreted differently by different people, people being evaluators too.

Indeed. But if you make your case, you may prevail. Quote the CFR to the evaluator that you think is misinterpreting it. If it doesnt work you can make a request for reconsideration which sends it higher up the chain.

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Generally (but not all) 5 years. See the 5th page of the pdf here.

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