2nd Mate Unltd/Oceans to Master 1600Ton/Oceans STCW questions

I have a second mate unlimited tonnage, oceans, and I am trying to get everything in to the NMC to get a raise in grade to 1600ton masters, oceans. I have all the required STCW 95 classes for my current license.

I have my application together and I am about to take the flashing light test yet again, what has me concerned is how STCW applies to 1600 ton master. I am aware of the pending changes to the USCGs implementation of STCW 95, so like a lot of you I am trying to get my application in asap to hopefully be grandfathered in under the old requirements, which brings me to my questions.

If I get the license under the current requirements, will I have my STCW certificate updated to reflect the A-II/2 parts of the code by just meeting the current USCG requirements of sea time, and the listed classes of BRM, RADAR, First Aid, Firefighting, BST, GMDSS, etc on the CG checklist?

Or will I need to take all the Chief Mate/Master Upgrade classes(Advanced shiphandling, adv meteorology, etc) at some place like MITAGS? If the latter is the case I might as well wait the few months until I am eligible for Chief Mate if I will have to spend all that $$ on classes, right?

I just dont want to find myself with a 1600ton master license without the stcw certs to go with it (if that is even possible).

Thanks in advance for any help with this.

You should be good with what you have. I just upgraded to Inland Master/2nd mate oceans and did the 1600 ton Master Module 011x1 as the add on. It’s only 70 extra questions. You don’t need the C/M stuff. My MMC now states I am duly qualified in accordance with the provisions of regulation(s) II/1; II/2; II/4; IV2; VI/1; VI/2; VI/3; VI/4; VI/5. Go for it!

Cool, thanks.