3rd mate to master 1600

[QUOTE=Capt. Phoenix;172844]…you can’t just get a 10,000 ITC endorsement because you want it. You have to do an approved Large OSV “training course”, a stack of assessments, get an OSV 6,000 ITC endorsement, then serve X number of days on your license on an OSV over 3,000 ITC.[/QUOTE]

That was the policy under the old rules, and at the time, you had to qiualify for both STCW and national endorsements. This is no longer policy under the new rules, but would be available as an option for anyone eligible for grandfathering until January 1, 2017.

Under the new rules, which are available for all applicants, the national endorsement and STCW are separate, and you can qualify for the national endorsement wiothout STCW. A training program is no longer required for the national endorsement. You can get the national endorsement of Master (OSV) of 1,600 GRT/3,000 GT or more with 24 months of total service as mate, chief mate, or master of more than 100 GRT, with at least half being as “chief mate.” If half of the total service is not on vessels over 1,600 GRT/3,000 GT, a tonnage limit will be added to the endorsement. See 46 CFR 11.493.

Note also that under the new rules, there is no tonnage limit on Mate OSV. It is valid on any OSV. See 46 CFR 11.497.

For STCW, the new regulations do not contain an OSV only endorsement. The requiremnents for an endorsement for Master for 3,000 GT or More are in 46 CFR 11.305.

[QUOTE=AB Murph;172828]…Request in order
Tonnage restrictions be lifted on 3rd Mate
Request 2nd UNLIMITED
Request 1600t master crossover test
Request 10,000 ITC on 1600t Masters lic.

You didn’t post if you have OCEANS or not but you will have to list NC or OC on each also.

LOOK IN THE AREA OF Sec 10.403 That should help you out some also answering your questions.[/QUOTE]

46 CFR 10.403 does not apply. It is for “unlimited” national endorsements only. As has already been noted, there is no evidence that there is a tonnage limit on the 3rd Mate endorsement. And, if there was, removong it would have no bearing on the tonnage of the Master endorsement. The only tonnage limit on a Master Less Than 1,6000 GRT is… 1,600 GRT.

Master OSV 1,600 GRT/3,000 GT is an entirely separate endorsement from Master Less Than 1,600 GRT, and

You would not be getting “10,000 ITC on 1600t Masters.” What you describe is an endorsement as “Master 1,600 GRT or [U]Less[/U]” that would be valid on vessels [U]more[/U] than 1,600 GRT. Obviously, this endorsement does not exist. Master Less Than 1,600 GRT and Master OSV 1,600 GRT/3,000 GT or More are completely separate endorsements, each with their own requirements. The only master endorsement valid on near coastal and/or oceans vessels over 1,600 GRT that are not OSVs is Master Unlimited.

The “crossover” test is not available for Master OSV, it is only for 2nd Mate to Master Less Than 1,600 GRT. And, if you do not already hold or simultaneously qualify for 2nd Mate, it’s not available at all.

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