500t master to 1600t master


Hey guys, Last year I upgraded my 200ton masters to 500 ton masters license using the crossover exam using my Masters of Towing license. Before that I held a 200t masters and 1600 mate testing after 2002… I received a 500t Master and a 3rd mate unlimited in the mail… I’m thinking I may have gotten a little lucky… 2 questions… can I upgrade the 500t Master to 1600t Master on just time alone… and if while researching this, can the evaluator take away my 3/M if he deems that I was given it mistakenly? Thanks


I think you can apply to upgrade from 500 GRT to 1600 GRT on seatime alone without exam.


Good friend of mine got to 1600 grt master in the same way you did. Completely legit.


I don’t think they can track these posts…I have a different email account that I deal with the USCG with… Unless of course they really want to do some digging


I also forgot to mention I’ve been working as master in a vessel over 100t but less than 200t for 3 years now… Maybe that had something to do with it


That method of getting a third mate license requires that one specifically serve as Master while holding a 1600 ton Master license. Also, the resulting 3rd mate license would have a tonnage limit on it.