STCW for 1600 ton Master Near Coastal Exam

True, I have recently read about someone successfully winning a case like this, I believe on here. It took almost a year or something like that for it to go all the way up, and to get a result. I’ll have to try to find the thread.

I suppose if the NMC Live Help service included more thorough assistance, those employees would be making many more times dollars as an evaluator, not as a live help desk agent. Amazing work you do here sir, thank you.

Great Lakes uses inland nav rules…signals of intent, not action/pilot rules/lights and shapes, etc.

No “restricted by draft” up here, for example.

Acceptance for most STCW endorsement courses was just changed, it’s now 10 years. This does NOT include “ancillary” training, including Basic Training, Advanced Firefighting, and Proficiency in Survival Craft. It also does not apply to Radar Observer courses.

The change to NVIC 03-14 will be posted soon, but probably after the holidays.


Phenomenal news. No excuse to not start knocking out those classes you need to upgrade. Even if the seatime takes a little longer than expected, you’re good. Changes that support the mariner, love to see it.

Well, that’s pretty good news right there. It’s a struggle to hold down your job, then get the required classes when they don’t coincide with your rotational schedule and off time. Then you have to study and test as well. Not for the faint of heart!