STCW courses to take

Conflicting news from anyone I talk to… go figure?

Ok, I am looking to get a master STCW 100 ton near coastal…

I already have the master 100 tin near coastal, just need master stcw to go with it.

So far I have taken stcw basic and leaderships and managerial skills.

Now they are saying (coast guard) that I need 4 more classes.
Medical provider
Advanced fire
Bridge management

Then I see on the for they sent me that it also lists classes for oicnw, do I have to take to optional classes… I’m 5 grand into these things after all if this?

I run a 6 pack sailboat from St Thomas to the BVI… like 8 miles… but since it’s an international voyage I must be a stcw master…

Link to doc

Who has a 100 ton master’s with STCW master (not mate), recently?? And what did you take to get it?

I/m afraid that 100 ton was 40 years ago. However, my understanding is that no STCW at all is required for under 100 ton. The checklist you showed is for up to 500 ton. This may be one of those issues best handled by a USCG license consultant. Search “uscg license consultants.”

Also, your boat is supposed to have British inspection to operate in BVI waters. BVI inspection may allow you to have 12 passengers instead of only 6 passengers. The inspection requires a haulout and survey, but it’s no big deal if your boat is in good condition, nothing like USCG T-Boat inspection.

Thanks for your reply, unfortunately all mariners doing international trade must hold an stcw endorsement, no matter vessel size. I do Key West to Havana and Mexico, the coast guard said I must have it.

I know I’m required to have it, just looking to see if someone recently went through this issue… there has to be thousands of us with this newer stcw enforcement.

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License consultant is money well spent. If he saves you one class he will have earned his $300.

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Please give San Jacinto Maritime Center a call next week to speak with our credentialing specialist. There is no charge to develop a list of courses you may require to achieve the license you are seeking.
We are closed all this week due to the flooding in Houston, so please call next week. We have over 75 USCG approved Engine and Deck courses.

John Stauffer

Hello Rrayfield,

That is the correct checklist and you’re correct that anyone on an international voyage needs an STCW. The less than 500t is the smallest STCW master’s endorsement.

You do need the 4 classes they state. Radar, ARPA, GMDSS and ECDIS are optional and you only need them if your vessel has than equiptment. You also must complete the NVIC 13-14 assessments.

I’m not sure that you need a license consultant but I recommend Andy Hammond (617)970-7760. Several schools can help you develop a game plan, and please feel free to PM me if you have any further questions.

Christine Klimkowski, Master Mariner

Thanks for your reply, so there are other items? In the NVIC 13-14 assessments that I need to take? Sorry but the pdf won’t pull currently from coast guard site for me to see what it is?

One school said I only needed the following

Advanced fire
Basic stcw
Bridge management
Medical provider
Leadership and managerial

But your saying there are others? Could you list them for me?


Are the new - post December 31, 2016 - STCW courses also required for a 500 ton license, or are those only required for unlimited?

Unfortunately, Yes. For both Master and Mate 500/1600t STCW certificates
need to take a few classes now

Hello Ryan!

The only item that I did not see listed in your original post was the
assessments. They are demonstration of practical skill and do not require
course work. I have attached the NVIC and the USCG notice on Qualified

I also attached the checklist that you cited-you only have to take the 6
classes you listed if you haven’t already done the. But,the checklist notes
that Leadership and Managerial skills is not required. Therefore the
classes you need are:

Medical First Aid Provider
Basic & Adv. FireFighting

I think they send you a list of classes for OICNW b/c they are the same
classes for a Master and Mate less 500t STCW.

Hope this helps!

nvic-13-14 master less than 500.pdf (692 KB)

STCW master less than 500.pdf (41.2 KB)

USCG OICNW Assessor Req.pdf (205 KB)

One good thing, all these expensive and time consuming new STCW courses,and the new STCW refresher course requirements should start to cut into enormous oversupply of unemployed and underemployed licensed mariners.

Until business conditions improve and the companies start paying for courses again, the hawespipe route is prohibitively expensive for most mariners.

I noticed that he mentioned he was getting Master 100, NC. Doesn’t he need Master, Oceans to go to a foreign country, such as Cuba?

My understanding is that Near Coastal license’s are only valid in the US EEZ (with certain exceptions like Canada and the BVI).

I like how that updated checklist was the week I took leadership and managerial skills. I haven’t seen that update untill you just listed it.

Waste of $1000 and a week of my life

To get oceans you have to be 200 ton

Near coastal is good for 250 miles, any direction, Bahamas Cuba, and many carribean islands, Mexico all fall in there.

Yes, 200T is the smallest tonnage for an Oceans license. An STCW is required for the international voyage, and the STCW does not distinguish between Near Coastal and Oceans.

I am not certain if the oceans is required on the national license or if there are exemptions for the Caribbean

That’s not entirely true. Near coastal is only good outside US waters if the country whose waters you’re in has an agreement with the US. And it’s only 200 nautical miles.

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I’m not sure why the checklist says that when in the CFR for Master less than 500 GT near coastal it clearly requires that class. @jdcavo, can you explain why that is?

Yup, sorry 200 miles

Not really my area of expertise, but that’s my understanding of USCG requirements— only 200 miles and only in US waters, unless there is an MOU, (e.g., Canada, BVI, Bahamas, Mexico?), but definitely not including Cuba.

It’s also my understanding that the IMO and other STCW countries take the same position with respect to Near Coastal licenses. Cuba is a member of IMO and on the White List.

Another advantage of using a good USCG license consultant is not taking unnecessary classes. Whatever the CFRs and checklists may say, the NMC Evaluators often make mistakes, sometimes favorable mistakes, but more often unfavorable.