AB Certification and STCW

Hi all, I’m just trying to find some clarification on some of the AB ratings and classes, I’ve been told numerous things and some of it seems right and some seems wrong.
I am currently a 100ton Master, about to take the course in a week or so to upgrade to 150ton master/200ton mate. I have the seatime for that, just need the course and I have that all figured out.
I am looking to go for my AB/STCW. I’m near Port Aransas, Tx and I’m trying to find courses for this nearby.
There is a place in Houston that has it listed on their website, but does not include the lifeboatmen class. From my understanding from what I’ve been told, I would need the lifeboatmen certification in order to obtain an AB rating. Is an AB rating the same as an STCW? Ive been told both that it is, and it isn’t.
I’ve heard from some that there is a place in College Station, TX that offers the course, but I can’t find anything online that describes these courses.
Thanks in advance for you help.

If you have your 100 ton master don’t waste your $$ on an AB class, Just brush up on the rules of the road and take the exam at the REC. AB & STCW are different. You do not need STCW to get your AB. I don’t remember but I think that lifeboatman is only required for AB unlimited. I’m sure someone else on here can clarify that point. If you call Mid-Atlantic Maritime / San Jacinto, the one in Pasadena, and talk to Mitch Schacter, he can fill you in on the availability of their lifeboatman class. TEEX in College Station offers Basic Safety Training (BST) which is a requirement for your STCW but they do not offer lifeboatman. THe other requirement for STCW is the Rating Forming Part of a Navigation Watch (RFPNW). You have 2 options to complete that: 1) go to sea and get the assessments signed off, or 2) take an approved course. Beware if you take a course, do your homewoek and make sure it is one that satisfies the assessment requirements.

[B][U]IMHO[/U][/B]…suggest you start by learning to use the information contained on the NMC site…refer to the “checklists” and “approved courses” in particular…most of “it” or what you seek is all there just for the effort!!


You can get your AB without the STCW requirements, but if you plan on going on a trans ocean vessel, you will have to do your STCW requirements. RFPNW Assessments is useless if you don’t have your watches signed off. You can Mid-Atlantic Maritime, they have this stuff down. Ask for Carie Sturgeon. She is real good with knowledge.