Going for AB, lifeboatman and STCW

I’m currently awaiting for my time in classes up coming in November and I’m starting now to study so I can have a head start and clear conscience by the time I go to the school there. I hope this is still active as i’d very much appreciate the “NEED TO KNOW” stuff so I’m not wasting time studying the wrong things. I’m going for AB, lifeboatman and STCW all in one shot. Any help you can provide I’d be very greatful to you. Sincerely Me :slightly_smiling_face:

The classes will tell you everything you need to know to pass. Just show up and pay attention and you’ll be fine. They are set up to pass you, not let you fail. Good luck…

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Thanks for this, that’s what I’ve been told from many of my coworkers but I’ve got slight detriments to learning and find no harm in preparation.

Study the rules of the road for the AB exam, everything else will be a breeze as long as you are awake during the classes.

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Learn rules of the road, how to tie knots and basic ship terminology

National AB and LBM Take-with-Grain-of-Salt

Following the information below, you should have some idea how testing may occur when testing with the USCG. As you are attending a USCG Approved School they may not follow exactly the above examination requirements that would be found at a USCG Regional Exam Center.

Look at the sample examination website for AB Exam Modules Q450 and Q451Deck Rating Able Seaman pay close attention to the Subject / Topic section for each exam module. Then look at the Rules of the Road and then consider testing your knowledge using free questions like that at Raynor Maritime. Raynor Maritime Services - Navigation Rules Practice Test

Then spend some time looking at the Sample Exam module LB Q445 Lifeboatman again spend time looking at the subject Topic section. Deck Rating Lifeboatman

Last but not least is to look at Deck and Engineering Guide page 37 Marlinespike Seamanship – (Knot Tying) Demonstration

Hope this helps