AB test opinions


As a few know ive been having a hard time finding almost anything for work…and still wanna get my foot in the door…so heres my question…
haveing my 100masters (gotten through SeaSchool), with a little pre-studing… how hard do you think it would be to take and pass the USCG AB tests?
i understand its kinda open ended because noone can read my mind or know my inteligence but just opinions…


When I was studying for 500 ton Master I spent 1 day studying Q & A on a computer for AB. I had to take my AB before I could test for 500 ton Master. It wasn’t a big deal. Get a little study disc from sea school and you should be fine. You will either have to tie knots at the Coast Guard or take a knot tying Certificate to the Coast Guard from a training school certifying that you tied a certain number and type of knot. I had a knot tying video (teh school loaned me) that I watched and tied knots one night at home and then the next day I tied the knots for the instructor.


Remember you need RFPNW assessments. Without RFPNW the A/B is almost useless!! (See policy letter 14-02)
Good luck
check out C&G my younger brother works there and he says they are hiring.


MICrew843-Just a thought, but when I got my first license (100 ton Master/200 ton Mate) I was told to ask for my A/B, which I did and I was given my A/B without testing (being I had just passed my 100 ton test). This was back in the early 90’s, back when the New Orleans REC was in the Tidewater building (NO, I do not or have ever worked for them) on Canal street. Just give it a try, they could say no, but at least try. Since then I have upgraded both my license & A/B. Good Luck to you!


Ok call me dumb but is the STCW in relation to the RFPNW assessments?
also i called C&G and they redirected me to Gulf Coast logisits (sp)…saying they had smaller boats…???

and i well deffinitly call the coastguard station and ask about the a/b…


I am an engineer, I have had limited time on deck in the past 15 years but had been on boats for the last 20 or so. About 5 years ago I was working at a company that would give me 25.00 a day additional had I gotten my AB. I didn’t study anything but the rules of the road and I passed both exams the first time out. I don’t think there was much on the test that was more than what anyone that has been around a while would know but, some have said the AB exam was one of the more difficult tests they had ever taken. Get a copy of the USCG Rules of the Road at any nautical book store for 15.00 and get some flash cards for around the same price. Study your knots, you can get a list of the knots at any REC and take the test. In the test room they will have a book of the light list and inside the cover is a color page of all the bouys and cans. It shouldn’t be too tough to pass the test. You get three attempts to take it. Good luck.


You can now download the Rules of the Road from the USCG site. For learning knots, I’ve used “Animated Knots by Grog” online. It’s pretty helpful


As I remember the 100 Ton and AB tests are almost identicle, except Masters have navigation and ABs have knots. If you recently passed the 100 ton Master exam bone up on your knots and go take the test.
STCW, Lifeboatman and RFPNW are inter-related. There are situations where none is required for service.
Basic Safety Training (BST) is only a part of the STCW requirements, but almost every company will insist that you have it.


yeah i have my STCW.
i called the coasties and asked about the A/B. they said i didnt have to take any tests but i need a lifeboat coarse to get it.