BST and AB

I have my MMD (OS) and my 100 ton masters but I would like my AB to get better tug boat jobs. I went to Maine Maritime Academy and completed everything in BST except Ocean Survival. Can you get your AB without that or do you need BST?

AB has STCW requirements so you will need your BST and several other classes. You also need the sea time and watches.

The only class that is REQUIRED is Lifeboatman. AB comes in several flavors, only AB unlimited NEEDS STCW RFPNW. Get what you can and upgrade later.

You need RFPNW & STCW as an A/B (of any level) to work on a vessel over 200 tons near coastal. You do not have it you can not fill the slot of A/B for manning requirments you would sail as a O/S.

I think most tugboats are under 200 ton.

Yes you are right most are but some are over, just trying to give erin4298 some information to think about. Why trap yourself when you can make yourself more flexible to go to a bigger boat if needed by having the endorsments. Also you will have to have the A/B unlimited to upgrade to get your 1600 ton master.

As I said, get what you can NOW and upgrade LATER.
I sailed on tugs with many guys that had AB OSV when the companies started paying AB’s $20 more per day. Later they got lifeboatman and BSTand upgraded. Most tug guys can’t get AB unlimited because they can’t get RFPNW signed off cuz their boat’s to small.
Ya gotta start somewhere, if erin4298 has a 100 ton master he already has the seatime for AB limited, he just needs lifeboatman.

Seadog!, you are right about the RFPNW, I believe if memory serves me correct it can only be signed off on a vessel of 500 tons are greater. I was just trying to help just as much as you were to erin4298. Have a good one seadog! And good luck erin4298.

AB limited , 540 days deck service on vessels of 100 GT or more…He may or may not have that…Depends on what he has been on and for how long…
He certainly has AB special , 360 days.

Isn’t 100 ton master 720 days?

erin4298, the regulations covering general requirements and sea-time for AB’s can be found here. An MTVA flyer that is easier to read and understand is available here.
You do <strong>NOT</strong> need an <strong>A/B - </strong><strong>Unlimited</strong> to get a Master <1,600 GRT license, or any other kind of license for that matter. Refer to <strong>Subpart D - Professional Requirements for Deck Officer’s Licenses</strong>: as per 46 CFR - Part 10.401(g)(3), <strong>ANY</strong> kind of AB certification (Unlimited, Limited, Special or Special-OSV) will do for licenses of 1,600 GRT or less. For unlimited-tonnage licenses you need an AB-Unlimited <strong>or</strong> Limited. Having said that, when you become eligible for your AB-Unlimited you should get it whether you need it or not.
Many of those working on towing vessels may find it difficult (but certainly not impossible) to go beyond AB-Special. 46 CFR - Part 12.05-7(a)(2) requires that an AB-Limited have 18 months of service on vessels of 100 GRT or more, and most (but not all) tugs are under 100 GRT.

I started with an AB-OSV. When I got my 1,600 ton Master and tested for 3rd Mate at the same time, they gave me the AB-Unlimited.

I started with AB-Fishing. All I had to do was show up in sweats and Grundies and grunt once or twice.

Seadog…You are correct…But what I am saying is you can have a 100 ton license and have never actually been on board anything over 99 tons…

Thanks for everyone’s input. I took lifeboatman at Maine Maritime, just not the test. I also took Fire Fighting so that’s out of the way. So if I take the lifeboatman test, I will be able to test for my AB? I have about 800 or so sea days but not very high tonnage (nothing over 100) so I’m guessing I’d get an AB special…

And for those who referred to me as he…I’m a she :slight_smile:

Sorry erin4298, my mistake…yes it looks like AB special for now…

It’s all good. Generic name :slight_smile:
So I really don’t need Ocean Survival for my AB? Because that would be great!

HAH! My name is Kelly, I always get mistaken for a girl…You would think I would be more sensitve…lol…

This ocean survival you mention…Do you mean the survival suit training…it was part of my basic safety training…Along with righting the life raft…

I think you will need it…It falls under the personal safety requirement…but check out the link…there is a policy letter attched to the requirement,…

Darn link…
Go back up to Captjacksparrow 's post ,click his link title 46 12.05 the answers are there…There is a policy letter that you will need to track down too…That will clarify it for sure…