AB Unlimited RFPNW Mr Cavo


Mr Cavo
I have been issued a MMD with---- ANY UNLIC RATING INCL AB- last month
I applied for the RFPNW at the same time

There is NO stcw 95 certificate that came with my MMD card. According to NMC help desk, I do not need an stcw certificate with this endorsement as they DO NOT issue this endorsement without all the qualifying ratings such as the RFPNW, and one is not necessary

This then means that I can work as on AB on any tonnage any ocean

Is this all correct???

MR 100-TON


I’m pretty sure you have to have an STCW if you want to work outside the boundry lines on anything over 100 GT. Not positive tho.


You need STCW if you work on a sea-going vessel (outside the boundary line) of at least 500 GT ITC (generaally (but not always) 200 GRT).

You don’t automatically get RFPNW just because you qualify for AB. While an AB on a sea-going vessel needs STCW, they are separate requirements. You need to complete all the RFPNW assessments and have 6 months of time performing bridge watchkeeping under supervision (not just sea time) on a sea-going vessel. You also need current basic safety training to get RFPNW.