Education / licensing Question for Mr Cavo

I am in the process of renewing and upgrading my first issue 50 ton Master to 100 ton Master. I will also be applying for my MMD and hope to obtain some level of AB rating. I have already applied for my TWIC card, and just waiting for it to be ready.

I am hoping the vessel I worked on will allow me to qualify for an AB Special OSV at a minimum (based on an inspected vessel of 64’9" length, over 800 days served as a mate with a gross tonnage of 66 tons, all recent experience)

I will be taking the STCW Basic Saftey Course and the Liftboat / Survival Craft proficiencies next month at Young Memorial in Morgan City.

They offer a 46 hour AB course also, will taking this class have any affect on me qualifying for my AB rating? Based on my sea time above will I be issued any sort of AB rating? I read in the regulations about a vessel length of 65’ of which I am 3 inches under.

Thank you in advance for any advise you could offer.

Not all AB endorsements have requirements on the size or route of the vessels the service is from. The requirements are as follows:

AB-Unlimited: 3 years on Great Lakes or “at sea” (near coastal/oceans) 46 USC 7307
AB-Limited: 18 months on vessels at least 100 GRT 46 USC 7308
AB-Special: 12 months 46 USC 7309
AB-OSV: 6 months 46 USC 7310

The 65’ requirement was for AB-MODU, and since AB-MODU is not authorized in the CFR or US Code, we are no longer issuing them.

STCW RFPNW has some requirements that may effect your ability to get an STCW certification, and thus ability to work as AB: at least 50% of the 6 months for RFPNW have to be on vessels at least 200 GRT, and all assessments have to be done on vessels over 100 GRT.

The AB course at Young Memorial takes the place of the Coast Guard exam at the REC. You still have to meet the sea time above, but you won’t take an exam from the Coast Guard. Make sure your time is good before you take the course, it’s only good for one year.