Worthless Extremist Training

Anyone else have that utterly worthless extremist training lately? I’ve had some crappy waste-of-time training but this one takes the cake. I can sum up that shit in three points:

  1. Never say, post or think anything bad about politicians, military leaders or civilian leadership. If you do, you’re an extremist and will be punished.

  2. Never use social media for anything other than birthday well-wishes or happy holiday messages. If you repost anything on social media you’re an extremist and will be punished.

  3. Stand, raise your right hand and repeat the loyalty oath. Jump when told to jump. Baa when told to baa. If you don’t, you’re an extremist and will be punished.

That’s what I got from the training. They want us to be good little Hitler Youths. What’s next? I can’t wait to find out.


Who is conducting this training?

I haven’t had that particular training yet but feel I’ve been working the prerequisites up to it. One union that I belonged to, Local 333, had a by-law that required me not to ever vote for any politician who supported Right-to-Work Laws or any politician that supported other politicians who supported Right-to-Work Laws. I’ve been searching my house for years for that little green book of bylaws to post on gcaptain but I’m afraid I lost it. Keep your head down, repeat what they want you to say, sign where they want you to sign & go home is my only advice.

Sooooo…the Nazis ARE in power.


Is this another hand out to sea schools? Like that stupid leadership class that cost 1200 bucks

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Something tells me @DeckApe, his shipmates & those hired with similar organizations won’t be visiting gcaptain forum too often when they are at work anymore.


I would have to suppose it is Military Sealift Command judging by DeckApes previous posts over the years.


Mandated for all branches of military, including their civilian employees. Everyone at CG HQ has had it during the past week. It was less than 2 hours, and given during work hours (i.e. you’re getting paid while you attend).


Thanks. Googled it and found this: Stand-Down Training Material to Address Extremism in the Ranks > U.S. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE > Release

tl;dr The question “Do you believe in the overthrow of the Government by force or violence” is not a multiple choice question.

In regards to #1 I will say that i’ve seen a half dozen HR people from my former companies posting/commenting stuff on Linkdn that ranges from slightly spicy political commentary, all the way to flat out insane, maybe you should be in a psychiatric facility, conspiracy theories. Nothing like doing a job interview with someone that has gone full Q-tard. If you can send me your class materials I may pass them on to them.

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See CoastalTrader’s link.

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Apparently that is what it takes to receive a Presidential Medal of Freedom.


The great Dave Chappelle had an awesome take on this. NSFW (language, obviously):

It’s a DoD thing. MSC has to do it because of the Navy/DoD brass say so. I haven’t had to do it yet, but it’s coming. Made it’s way to government employees, but not to contractors yet.

I was in a meeting the other day and I don’t think the training is going to have the desired effect. Everyone in the room has basically embraced their inner extremist, deplorable selves.

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Holy Molly Batman! I just pulled up the 300+ comment thread about P45 & his wife being infected with the killer coronavirus & the timing of this faux extremists training is sinisterly impeccable. I can tell by all the jubilant comments on that gcaptain thread that the possibility of a sitting POTUS dying in office made a lot of people ecstatic, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them creamed their shorts fantasizing about it. And the cartoons! About every 5th-10th comment was a pervert political cartoon celebrating the suffering or possibility of a US Presidents death.

No surprise to me that a group of people who acted in such a way would now want “anti-extremist training” because they know what is in their hearts & minds & they don’t want it ever directed towards them as they did to others.

BTW, a dare anyone to post a political cartoon like were on that thread now but directed toward anything left of center on the political spectrum.


Am I wrong in thinking this anti-extremist training is not aimed at the left or the right, but is impartial? What is wrong in demanding that the military members be strictly apolitical in public? I thought this was already a core tenet of military conduct.

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Because it was rolled out as a response to the Capitol riot, it’s inherently political and everyone knows it.


No one has answered my question yet: Are members of the military normally required to be apolitical in public? If they are, then training in that regard may be called for. Because of the riot you mentioned, which current and former members of the military took part in.

Let’s say the training wasn’t ordered, and next week there was a major antifa riot storming the Capitol, including a hundred uniformed military members. Wouldn’t it be better to stop such behavior before it started?


Did you ask Mr. Google? Or are you just trolling?

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