Capt. D.J.Trump of the Titanic


A bit early, but nice chuckle Bug.

It’s not at all a “new theroy”.

Hostility to science and expertise; and the leader’s abiding faith in his ability to confuse the public with disinformation as a substitute for acting in the national interest, all typical of “demagogic populists” like Trump and Bolsonaro.

But nobody got to know what the captain of the Titanic said or thought (he went down with his ship) so are you getting this from a dead Donald?

You can think that but I think he’s very much alive and well … and will win.

And that is good.

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We’ll see soon if "Trumpian failure eventuates. The actual disaster is the conga line of Democrat Governors and Mayors allowing Antifa and BLM and miscellaneous ratbag hangers-on to destroy their states and cities to try to make Trump look bad. Strange that some here might think Trump has to take the blame for their culpability and the resultant chaos.

Perhaps Trump haters agree that chaos in places such as Portland is Trump’s fault. I suspect the punters disagree.

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Did I forget to put (Joke) on the post again.
OK, I though all you who claim to have “English” as your 1st Language would understand that, but apparently not.


Don’t worry. You don’t have to spell out which ones are jokes. I got it.

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There’s that word “Trumpian” again. Will it deserve a description in the latest dictionary as a new word? And how would the neutral analyst describe it?

Maybe in the Doxford Dictionary for Marine Engineers.

Good. It took a while.

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Ahh I get it!! That is a joke. (But not a good one)

This was written in Aug 2016, it foretold what we are seeing today.

Trumpian Victory™, or The Avenger’s Fractured Song by Elizabeth Mika

“I’m of the belief, having covered politics for a long time, that people by and large go by the tone of the person. People can come out of a Trump speech and say, ‘What do you think about him saying, possibly rearming the Japanese with a nuclear weapon?’ ‘I don’t know, I didn’t hear all that clearly, but I like the guy.’ That’s tone, and Trump has mastered it. It’s one reason that if you’re a Democrat and want Hillary Clinton elected, you should be very, very afraid coming into November.”

Novel idea.
Statues that can jump off the socket and run away when the police shows up:

Perhaps I miss things sometimes. I did see the journalists dinner where Obama took pot shots at Trump well before 2016 elections. Obama set him up to challenge status quo. One of the reasons Trump has gone out of his way to dismantle everything good or bad Barrack represented. Politics as or not usual. Would it be a stretch that Obama encouraged him to run, thinking he had no chance? Dems have a shot at recapturing the election. Will they do the same thing, dismantle all that Trump has done, right or wrong?. History has a way of repeating itself. Not surprised by actions of either party. Still has the same rhetoric on both sides. And the same lifetime players on both sides calling “Foul”.

It’s remarkable how issues can be so politically polarized that people actually support mindless destruction in cities. It’s telling that the top 20 most dangerous (in terms of violent crime per capita) cities in America are all democrat controlled and have been for a long time.

They say going by polls it is very unlikely Trump will win this time, they said that the last time as well, but I think the polls are looking even worse for him this time.

If it was my town being overtaken I would welcome extra help. Didn’t need it this weekend as our police presence curtailed unlawfulness. Hats off to the blue. Tried patience last month, didn’t work out too good. I saw a rather funny post on facebook the other day. Said to practice your rioting and burning working from your own home first. Ok with that. Some may say that makes me biased. I am biased against blatant lawlessness and destruction against property., white,black, brown ,pink or whatever color you decide. And especially the large majority of policeman that are sworn and dedicated to protect us in spite of the bad apples that they suffer the brunt of criticism for. Ain’t following the herd on this one against our men in blue. Too many good ones out there people, and we are lucky for that.

Right effing proud of Portland giving away their city response, aren’t you?

Obviously just exercising their democratic right to be arseholes.


So supposing we hit the iceberg with a tremendous, whether it’s ultraviolet or just very powerful, light — and I think you said that hasn’t been checked but you’re going to test it — and then I said suppose you brought some ropes along, which you can fasten to the iceberg with hooks or in some other way. Maybe you could disembark passengers onto the iceberg. And I think you said you’re going to test that, too. Sounds interesting.


…of self-acknowledged Putin fan-boys like yourself who think they have the right to comment on American politics. When you denounce Putin as a murderous thug bent on the destruction of America maybe you’ll have credibility.

Oh, I have a right to comment on anything and everything and shove it down the throats of anyone. It’s called free speech.

As for Putin, I agree he’s a murderous thug and I’ve never said otherwise. Show me if I have.

My credibility doesn’t come from you. I don’t care what you think.

I see you like the conga line …

Each to his own, I suppose. Enjoy the riots.