American politics

I’ve done this on another forum and it works really well.
Post all your crap and invective about American politics and politicians on here; that way , the rest of us who don’t give a crap about it don’t have to read the endless bullshit whilst trying to find something relevant.
Stop hijacking posts with political irrelevance.


Hornblower, Hornblower, Hornblower…you sweet, crazy, cockeyed optimist you…


If a thread that should stay on topic get hijacked just flag it. One of the moderators will either delete it or move it to a new thread.

Of course this post is off-topic already.

I should add that forum members should be mindful of going off-topic as well. New topic new thread.


Is there someone holding your head in front of your computer screen? Are you not capable of simply not reading something?

As long as you are reading this - why is it that anything negative about a certain cult leader is “crap and invective” or “endless bullshit”? Funny enough, that stuff always seems to be followed by a pro cult response so maybe your personal problems with those posts are just that, personal problems.

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Check out the Corvette Owners forum;

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72 corvette, my favorite. Last chrome bumper and fast as hell. One of my instructors at Piney Point had a white convertible. Never rode in it but sure wanted one. He was one cool Navy retiree.

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I used to be on that forum for like 8yrs. It turned into such a ridiculous conservative mutual jerk off shit show in some of the forums I bailed before I sold my Black 99 FRC.

Trump Derangement Syndrome isn’t really a fair term. These people are clearly not deranged, and make their points in an educated and lucid manner, with only occasional outbursts about Russian prostitutes peeing on beds.

I think a more accurate descriptor would be -Trump. There’s a large group of people that essentially put a - sign in front of everything Trump does, says, or references offhand. The opposite must clearly be positive.

A good example is the Hydrochloroquine/Azithromycin treatment. Hydrochloroquine’s effect on replication of viruses has been studied for a long time, and it initially came under study due to the varied effects of SARS on malarial resistant populations. Of course, Trump did not come up with this, he’s not a doctor. He merely commented on good results one doctor had.

If he would have say, banned the treatment nationwide through executive order due to the possibility of side effects, the -Trump individuals would have bombarded the internet with literature and data supporting it’s use and claimed that he was denying Americans life saving treatment and therefore personally responsible for their deaths. You could program it as a function on many calculators.

It’s uncanny enough that you could potentially write a computer program that takes Trump input and puts out NY Times articles and tweets from individuals with dyed hair and cats and substitute them without anyone noticing.

So I hereby vote that TDS be changed to -Trump. I think it’s more fair to everyone.


Shore, you put up a decent post and question , It got out of hand for some reason or another because of politics. Looking forward to future posts from you.


Is this the same pollsters that had hillery winning in the last election??

Some kind of mafia movie perhaps .I try to get away and they suck me back in again

Whoa whoa whoa… Don’t attempt to cloud derangement with realisim… The truth will come out in November.


Perhaps not …

It will… The voters will have their say… Is that in debate?

I thought he was saying Cheeto is going to be re-elected. That’s in serious debate. Personally, I believe he will be defeated by a landslide. Even Republicans are sick of the Fake President.

What makes you think that?

Trump and his total disconnect with reality makes me think that. I personally think a majority of Americans think the same - 1 and done.

Ok, fair enough… We’ll see if enough of the electorate agrees with you.

Since we’ve basically had ONE interesting maritime discussion in the past month or so (Milano Bridge Allision), the rest have degraded into political bickering from the usual suspects.

Da, please keep all the super intellectual, nihilist, anti-US, Trump/Anti-Trump, bickering here if possible. Feel free to wax poetic about how we are all doomed, your political enemy of choice is Satan, the US destroyed the world, nothing matters, etc. here. Spasiba, tovarishchi.

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