Stop Flagging His Posts

Stop flagging Douchebag’s posts. A moderator should lock the thread but we want his crazy ranting visible to all future viewers and possible voters that Google his name.


Yeah, I flagged only the thread for lockdown, but are @john and Mike the only moderators these days? Would have been nice to lock it down before it went totally nuts like it did. :confused:

No, we have a fair number of moderators (@Kennebec_Captain and @KPChief being the most active) but sometimes it works out that everyone is out to sea at the same time.

Sounds like I missed some entertainment.

I’ll be a moderator if you need more.

Doug Sabbag has to have become to the most derisive person to post to the forum in many years and the discourse of the threads he contributes to is excruciatingly painful to myself and I well imagine the majority of longstanding members. There was no question that yesterday’s threads descended into depths we don’t normally experience and they had to be summarily ended and I am grateful they were.

What is more important though is that these threads aren’t killed but rather the person who is driving the unreasoned and unsupportable fighting be himself executed. I pray he is now gone forever and if he does somehow return, no one should engage him. Instead immediately call for his account to be swiftly terminated. Sabbag is the most incorrigible ever and his type cannot be allowed to post…no trial, no appeal, no mercy.

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Nobody is useless; at least, he may serve as bad example.

Please show some respect. Remember it is a Presidential Candidate you are talking about.
You couldn’t possibly have a totally ignorant idiot vying for the highest office in the land and leader of the free world, could you??


I’ll give you that one, you freedom hating commie you.


You know when I first saw those posts I had a laugh because I thought one of the other members here had hacked into something and he was being made fun of.

Then I think I saw him post one

And another one

And another one

I nearly vomited when I went to his website.

With the hindsight of others in this thread, I humbly appollogize for my flaggging fenzy last night.

No I like freedom!!! Freedom from this:

I would too. However, on this one, I was just as guilty of engaging him as anyone, so perhaps I wouldn’t be the right person for the job, at least in this case. :man_shrugging:

I know better than to volunteer.

You must be so much fun at dinner parties.

Yes I engaged him, but I also recognized when it was time to shut the thread down. Arguing with crazy is fun for a while but eventually the pigeon needs to be shooed off the chess board.

LOL, well if you like arguing with crazy, I got an ex-wife I’d be glad to introduce you to… :grin:

I don’t see the problem with what the officer did. He kept things from getting out of hand. He has three people in a car going 85 and somebody does an action they should not. His finger was not even on the trigger, he was just ready and making sure the people in the car knew he fully intended on eating dinner at home that night.

So it took 9 minutes. So what? I’ve had officers train weapons on me when I worked at pizza stores many years ago (way more than many years actually) because our silent alarms went off when somebody opened the garage door two blocks away (at least that was the guess of the alarm technician at the time). I did just what they ordered me to do and nothing else. How hard is that?

Yes, it is ok to question the police, just don’t be a jerk about it.

You are probably right that in the American reality it is “normal” for a Police Officer to pull out his gun when the offence is a simple traffic violation, because there is the possibility that the people in the car may have a gun as well.

My view of freedom is when there is no reason for the Police Officer to fear for his life in such a situation, because the possibility of the other party having a gun is so small that he can safely carry out his duty without fear. Both parties go home, only one being less happy than the other, clutching a speeding ticket in his hand.

It’s normal when the officer sees somebody reach for the floor to look for ‘more paperwork’ on the ‘floor’ that’s not needed.

We know where this is heading, are you sure you want to have a gun discussion? They always turn nasty.