At the risk of upsetting the moderators

I am genuinely curious as to why the thread on Marshmallows has been closed?

I am a member of a couple of other forums which different moderation rules. One one there is very strict censorship of anything that may be deemed as offensive. The other allows anything.

On the former, a thread is pulled if anyone quotes something “risqué”. On the latter, there are a few members who bang on about their pet subjects and generally get ignored by everyone. And although I and others agree with the underlying sentiment we don’t bother feeding the troll.

As far as I can see there has been no bad language or abusive behaviour. And yes the OP has a wasp in his shirt and won’t let go to the point of becoming boring. As I said, I am curious.

So am I. It was closed by my good friend “super moderator” Kenneback_Captain.

I apologise for “becoming boring” but I’m not forcing people to respond.

Apology accepted from my standpoint. And proffered least you feel I am getting at you.

It is clear you are passionate about the subject. And there is nothing wrong with that. Indeed it is sometimes a good thing. I have been known to bang on about something a bit too long.

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There seems to be a common thread among RNLI managers, condo nazis, politicians, and moderators. When they are in residence too long they tend to think and act like they own the place. Taking the edge off a forum or a knife makes both worthless.


I’m curious now too. Spam threads like “Norway is Awesome” stay open, but active discussion threads are being closed? What gives @john?

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I’ll admit I’ve been enjoying the banter and breaking some balls. As for the other thread on the Fitzgerald where you described lookout training on your sailing vessel, I saw nothing in that post that was off putting.


Just reopened the thread in question. Nobody was offended, it was flagged as spam.

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One man’s edgy is another man’s spam. Was DSD edgy?

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For one nobody flagged it. For another a pro mariner going off topic is one thing. A non-mariner is another.

Dear Lord let the word “was” mean he is only a bad memory …

DSD is (was?) the result of overmoderation, only the sycophants and syrup dispensers survive.

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It has to do with who gets flagged by the professional mariners here

Oh. I think DSD was way way undermoderated for far far too long. So was “she who must not be named.”


Glass raised high to that statement! Cheers.

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Like I said, it depends on if it gets flagged or not. In general if it’s not flagged I just leave it.

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If a topic is relevant to pro mariners a thread in which opinions differ can go three ways. It can come to agreement, the two (or more) differing points of view get clarified or it devolves into personal attacks.

In the third case not so much people being offended, who here has read something they haven’t heard aboard ship? I don’t think I’ve read stuff here I haven’t said.

It’s the fact that it limits legit discussions.

There is a policy to avoid non-maritime politics. In general I only close or delete if it gets acrimonious. In this case not only political It struck me as tedious. In any case it’s now open for your enjoyment.

I agree that it quickly became tedious, especially one particular guy’s posts. I just stopped reading him.

With regards to the Marshmallows thread; If it had been in the Professional Mariners Forum then yes it should have been shutdown as being fairly well non-maritime related. But since it was in “Scuttlebutt”, such topics are allowed.

Just my 2 cents.

Political discussions are against forum policy. That thread certainly turned political if it wasn’t from the start.


It wasn’t. It was a post responding to an article linked in the daily gCaptain update with a maritime element in that the IMO was involved, the Marshall Islands (a haven of ship registrations) were involved and all linked by emotional rubbish about islands drowning and children with them.

Any mention of climate change is inevitably political and degenerates as we’ve seen to warring camps. But the theme was maritime and a legitimate enough topic for gCaptain to post and thus for me to comment critically.