Honest opinion, how bad do you think this is going to get?

Good description. However it needs a slight correction:

Our economy is based on people buying things that aren’t needed, by people who can’t pay for them.


Sorry, shipmate! That’ll happen about the time a vaccine for COVID-19 is deployed and we can all go back to work, head out on vacation to some shithole third world country or get wasted with ugly new friends at the neighborhood bar.

You need a hug?

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That’s what happens to people who need a “rail” to follow, they are unhappy when their train goes off the tracks and into the real world.

The rail in this case might be best described as the qualities and characteristics of a cult or its leader.

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Never have so many had so much time and bandwidth to vent about so much, so accurately.


Trump’s approval rating hasn’t suffered much. Sleepy Joe is in for a brawl and BDS is just around the corner.

There are many who see a different approval rating:

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6 percentage points for anyone who’s watched his latest clown shows is not encouraging.

Considering that only his cult followers rate him preferable to a venereal disease, that 6 percent had to have been from them. That percentage drop means a lot.


The Dow could drop another 5,000 points, a million people could be dead, and most of the people who voted for the incumbent will still vote for him.

It’s not about reason. It’s about religion. He’s a god (small G) to many, and you don’t turn your back on a god because of an occasional plague or famine. His people are invested in him. They have worship services they call rallies, and matching caps, and everything.

He doesn’t need to get a majority of the public behind him. He’s not trying to win the popular vote. All he needs is to swing 78,000 votes and secure the Electoral College to win. Worked last time


Remember that by definition half the voters are of below average intelligence. Might be one reason why the guys that set up the USA didn’t want everyone to vote and it was 1828 before white men without land could vote.

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That’s right. Those 6 pts. are essentially a “death sentence”. There is a floor like you’ve described however. There is a definite limit as to how low it can go for Trump.

You’re right, democrats (small d) should tie voting rights to IQ test results. Let’s see how that would mesh with the same groups you so desperately pander to.

Then Cheeto wouldn’t be able to vote for himself. If you believe his BS about having a high IQ, then you wouldn’t be able to vote, either.

Agree with Bayrunner, sick of this political shit. Vote how you want to vote, this site is about maritime issues. I don’t give a flying fart who your favorite candidate is, and won’t change my mind with all this barking. I will have 1 vote and as I said before, will use it selfishly for the guy or gal that benefits me the most


You realize those are all based on the same polls that said trump had like 10% of a chance to win in 2016? Far too many people just see what they want to see these days, so I wouldn’t trust the polls. Case in point, there are also several polls saying he’s several points above 50% right now.

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I thought about making this claim to the moderators (KC) but this topic (and many others) are in the ‘scuttlebutt’ category. As KC said before, this forum is moderated not censored.

Honestly yes. I don’t care what people’s political persuasion is on here, I’m just interested in talking shop about the industry. Go talk on reddit or twitter if you want to complain about politics.

Thank you sir.

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If you don’t like the topic or the discussion, then simply don’t read and comment on it.

Problem solved …


Yep, you solved it. Perhaps Trump can use you on the next broadcast.