Scuttlebutt Section Reopened - No Political Discussions

After discussion it’s been decided to reopen this section. Reverting to a previous forum policy of no politics with the exception of maritime related, Jones Act for example

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Maybe John has noticed the dying of this once great forum. Funny how you were the one to post this as you are a big part of the problem with political posts.

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It’s true, I do like the discussions sometimes. Not that anyone should care what I think.

Anyway, things were starting to heat up a little with people joining the forum just to discuss. Better if it’s just the regulars.


Yes better to keep political chat relevant to maritime issues, there are plenty other forums people can go to discuss politics generally.

Might this be very bad news for the offshore oil patch that it looks like Biden will control the Senate and the Congress?

I though that if he at least didn’t control the Senate it might not be so bad for oil and gas in the long term, but now he will control both he might be able to pass more permanent environmentally friendly things that will put the oil patch out of business, unless the supreme court can stop it.

Anything a President does can be EO’d away the minute the next President (along with a supportive House, Senate, Congress) takes office.

Good take on it.

If someone wants to join a forum just to discuss, head on over to sailing anarchy and join in on the political fray there. The regulars there will chew you up and spit you out faster than you can say jeffreyepsteindidntkillhimself.


well, that curbed the political discussions, this page is emptier than a joe biden rally !!


Cedric Richmond is on the Biden advisory team. Being from and representing the oil patch in the Gulf Coast area of Louisiana, it’s unlikely he will be silent when it comes to legislation and regulatory actions affecting oil exploration and production.

Personally, I think the oil patch will be just fine.

Isn’t it amazing that the empty Biden rallies were enough to get him elected President with more votes than any presidential candidate in history!

I think he and his administration will be friends of the maritime community.

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Maybe. But he definitely won’t be an enemy. Joe likes to drive.

Yes, one of these?: