Drilling Billboard

Ok will do!!

Come on PR…let’s please keep this a politics free zone?

For years not this forum has avoided turning into another like so many that everything discussed is how much hatred there is for the current administration. If we start to go down the “I hate Obama” road, then kiss this place goodbye as far as I am concerned. Those who are all hot and bothered that we aren’t also drilling off Virginia and California have to remember that there is still 15years of backlog drilling to do just in the GoM and now with the arctic coming into play I don’t see any shortage of work for US companies for decades even if the price of oil stays modest. Have a war in Iran and the lid will come off the box and who knows how high the sky will be with global oil prices! Mind you too that one of these summers there’s going to be another big hurricane roar thru the GoM and we all remember what post Katrina/Rita did for jobs!

Just be thankful that the rigs are drilling again, the boats are working and there’s no reason to not believe there is a big future ahead in energy. Just looking at the sheer number of rigs and support vessels being built should make everybody here see that there is something the big oil companies know that is driving all of this newbuild construction. I say the big driver is going to be China’s insatiable demand for more energy but the world is still going to need oil for at least the rest of the century and I doubt too many of us here are going to be around till then.

So, please let’s not go there?

It’s cool PR…nobody’s getting a pointy stick out over this but I just want this board to stay focussed on what’s important and not get hijacked by those with extreme political views. Yours wasn’t to be sure but I feel I need to say something when I see it happening.

Glad to have you in my friends list and plan to keep you there!