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I just put this here because the ‘real’ thread was getting varied, and i got ‘lost’ when I saw C capt. write in, (glad to see you post)
One has to remember this is all caused by low oil prices. As a follower of the markets I can say there are not many who would’ve predicted this prolonged dearth of profit or companies would of sold off, layed up a lot more and sooner and be prepared to be out of business not for months but perhaps decades.
This started when OPEC went to pieces and that started about the time Kadafi was offed.
I didn’t say this caused it, just a time reference.
As long as the Arabs can still make a profit on $20? barrels the american industry is at risk and one thing no one mentioned in the 100+ entries i read is the threat to the industry posed by idealists who want to force world industry into the future (stone age) by demanding wind/solar/other energy sources.
What is happening with the automotive industry has parallels in the oil industry. Mandated Cafe standards for a start. You’ll have to read between the lines here to put it together but it is still a demand/supply world, no matter how it is arranged but probably nothing another suez incident wouldn’t cure.

well don’t expect to see me post very often because this forum has become a pointless wasteland of the inane which is what you get when it has no leadership (yeah John, I mean you!). To try to restart that old thread in the hope that this time it will remain on topic is an exercise in futility which will net you nothing. Just learn to walk away is all I can say. Maybe a day will come when there will be someone here to provide clear direction to what is discussed and who contributes but as far as I can see, that day is a very, very long ways off.

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Start your own forum and running as you wish. It would be entertaining.


Was thinking the same thing. It ain’t easy by a long shot.

An internet forum is an online conversation. Everyone on this forum has an opinion about the various aspects of the maritime industry. How exactly do you envision a forum such as this one to influence the direction of an industry?


Yeah, and while we’re at it let’s bring back slavery in the South so we can increase cotton exports. The nation needs more plantations.