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I have previously explained polling here.

Polling is a surprisingly costly endeavor, and the kind of fine-toothed comb needed to harvest the data at the state level wasn’t used in the critical states. Those three states, as well as Florida, Ohio and to a lesser extent Texas, are all under the microscope now.

Landslide might be a reach, but I also believe he will be soundly defeated. There will be some very damning political ads using Trump’s own words, and some of them will be eye-opening for the many people that don’t pay close attention.

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Until 2016 I was batting 1000 at picking winners of presidential elections way in advance of election day. I was totally caught off guard with Trump winning. I live in a traditional conservative voting area & still couldn’t believe he won after staring at Trump/Pence bumper sticks & yard signs for a year straight. So now I’m gunshy when it comes to predicting WH results. But another thing that has surprised me is I know several Hispanicsl females (voters & non) who were Never-Trump’ers in 2016. Many never voted Republican before & definitely not for a guy who is constantly called a racist. But now some of these women & their families say good things about Trump & the job he is doing. Again, I’m not saying he will win again just verbalizing some odd anecdotal observations. Take it for what its worth.

BTW, Biden needs to take double doses of Prevergen & do some mental exercises to stay viable. Even with the media on his side he still looks like a nice old gentleman who is going senile IMO.

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I’ve seen these claims several times now and I have to ask where they are coming from. Joe Biden generally speaks in complete sentences and completes his thoughts. He has good command of the facts for the most part. He does have occasional brain farts, but very few people are immune to them. In this area, he only needs to be better than Trump.

If one reads a Trump transcript, you need to use your own imagination to make sense of anything he says. Rarely does he complete a sentence and rarely does he complete a thought. Facts? He’s never even heard of those.

The “Myth of Trump” is all a lie. If one knows how the Trump casino was financed and why, it becomes apparent that he’s no great businessman. Not even a mediocre one. There’s more than one reason he’s guarded his tax returns so fiercely.


Not even on my worst night, at the worst bar at closing time, Would Pelosi be able to crawl in the back of my car.

My same concerns were brought up by members of the media when there were 10+ Democrats running for president. Now since all except Fox is behind Biden I haven’t heard any more talk of this either. But I have a good memory & recall more than a few Biden blunders had on the campaign trail that screamed decaying senior moments. Especially the ones he had with audience members who challenged or questioned him. The same for pieces of the debates that I tried to watch. I think Trump is at the same level if slimmyness that he always had. No worse, maybe a little better. But from being around old people like most people have, I think old Joe’s elevator is slowing down. Also, Hillary & Sanders were old too but I never thought or said their mental conditions were deteriorating. I’m not making this observation based on my political biases, or least I hope not. I’m pretty sure I’m voting Libertarian in November.

OK. That’s what I did in 2016, but I voted in NC and was inconsequential. I had previously voted Republican in every election before 2016.

I now vote in Florida, and will be working in September/October to flip it. Work permitting.

More important IMO is with these old cats running, who is their Vice-President?. Biden is showing signs of early dementia, Trump is/was a demented fellow at an early age. I’m not voting for the next President, I am voting for his sidekick.

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I believe that’s an accurate diagnosis, except that I think there’s also a mirror form, +Trump.

Should make for fascinating debates, or maybe just totally confusing.

Can’t wait to see both at CNN podium. Then FOX. Fair enough you think?

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Definitely interesting. If you’re Trump and you don’t stick with Pence, you’d be a fool. When he loses the election, he’ll need Pence to pardon him. Unless you are willing to believe that Pence would be forgiving of the slight.

In the case of Biden, I hope for Amy Klobuchar, but fear Kamala Harris.

It will be eye-opening for anyone expecting a close fight. Hillary crushed Trump, but was playing prevent defense thinking it was in the bag.

Biden will go for the throat and draw blood. Trump will be unprepared and will try to wing it.

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I do think Kamala would be a bad choice, Biden has locked himself in perhaps to chose a woman to run with him. Political move (As most are) , ideally it would be Michelle O. for him. But not gonna happen. Yes, the debate will be entertaining, Trump is a master at winging it. I am out of popcorn, it is on the grocery list though.

A political/fitness blogger that I listen to every once in a while pointed out that Trump isn’t being rapidly aged by the White House like all of his predecessors. After 4 years young Obama looked like Uncle Ben, George W looked his like his dad & Bill Clinton looked like an old Jerry Farewell. Not that devil Trump. He doesn’t appear to aged a day since 2016. He’s as orange as he ever was.


Thanks for the daily chuckle Sand Pebble! Even my bride laughed at that one. We needed that while watching “The Price Is Right” in my Skull and Bones Pajamas. Hell I might even jump on the Deere and cut the lawn again today. Of course my mutt will help me.

Isn’t hiring on the basis of sex or race illegal?

Not for creepy Joe. Good one Lee_Shore.

This isn’t “hiring” under the law. It’s political strategy, appealing to or pandering to depending upon one’s personal biases.

Based on that rock solid criteria, might as well go with the cutest one. Tough choice.

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