Woke infiltrating KP

Over the past several years there has been a lot of reporting on legitimate issues but this one is out there. Hard to believe it was featured on major news outlets.

Fox isn’t a news outlet. Rupert Murdoch has said in sworn testimony that his employees lie, and they lie just to make money. Not a news outlet.


I tend to agree with you on that point. Maybe it’s just an attack on the DOT secretary…… but what a weird story to run

Not weird at all. Fox isn’t a news outlet. It’s an outrage factory, whose commentators peddle outrage for cash. Sometimes it gets hard to find things to be outraged about, so they gotta dig deep.



Now do MSNBC, CNN, etc

and no, im not defending Fox. I dont like them either. Be consistent, be credible, be honest. Something no “news” channel can seem to manage these days.


Only a sucker believes that any of the 3 letter news outlets in this country have any integrity.


“There was a lot less woke stuff around campus, and then it’s just slowly crept in,” said a midshipman who has been at the school since 2021. He noted how the main passageway of the school was adorned with a mural promoting LGBTQ ideology."

“We had no discussions on race; we had no discussions on diversity, equity and inclusion,” the midshipman said of when his USMMA career began in 2019. “It was just us as [merchant mariners] getting together very well, and we have our own very individualistic culture.”

Translation: “We used to just be able to be our bigoted individualistic selves without having to explain it, used to be able to be intolerant of others ideologies and just hide our hate behind religious excuses…before all this woke stuff crept in.”

Is that what woke really means now, just a catch-all phrase for everything that is in favor of progress and tolerance?


No big surprise. A very competitive market increased opinion pieces to be first over hard news long ago.

Social news and media by mass killed objectivity and now everyone lives in siloes. If you don’t watch or read the news, you are uninformed. If you do, you’re misinformed.

Answer: Do your own homework and don’t take opinion pieces as fact.


I know KP is usually behind the curve when it comes to culture change at the Academies but I find this hard to believe. When I started in 2012 Mass was having these discussions and I don’t think we were the only ones

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That’s a huge conclusion to jump to.


Right about now I actually kinda find myself missing C.Captain a little bit


Can’t have any of those nasty individuals who are intolerant of our collective ideology can we Comerades.
Some animals are more equal than others.


Am I the only one who was amused by a midshipman with less than one year of sea time (as cadet) is opining on the culture of merchant mariners?

Of course the editor/writer inserted [as merchant mariners] in the middle of the quote so maybe the midshipman was only referring to other KP midshipmen, and the writer’s insertion misrepresents what was meant.


MSNBC - Credible news outlet. Trustworthy. Their opinion side is decidedly left of center. Opinion side does not run roughshod over the news side.

CNN - Credible news outlet. Trustworthy. Their opinion side is, I would say, slightly left of center. Interestingly enough though, actual liberals now refer to CNN as Fox Light. Opinion side does not run roughshod over the news side.

In the rush to scoop do they sometimes get things wrong? Yes they do. Do they double down on errors and lie? No.


It’s a waste of time for us to try to critically parse “info” in a Fox story. To do so assumes the writer was trying to be objective. They aren’t.

Rupert Murdoch swore in court that his employees lie for money. He straight up said it. Hannity,Bartiromo and all the rest have admitted in emails entered as evidence in court that they lie for money.

Hell , Carlson’s own lawyers swore in court that no sane person would believe anything he said—and the judge agreed!

Why don’t we just listen to what Fox is shouting at us? Fox News is filled with liars from top to bottom who no sane person would believe, and anything they write isn’t worth the electrons it’s printed with.


Most or at least a lot of the political news on CNN and MSNBC seems to originate from newspapers. There are good media critics and commentators where reasonable criticism and counterpoints of the major newspapers can be found to get a more balanced view.


lol, im not falling for your satire posting


I don’t watch any cable news. IMO it’s all a turd-loaf of opinion pieces leavened with a few factoids to brew up a potent tub of outrage meth that keeps the addicts jonesing for more.

Rupert Murdoch agrees. He swore in court: “it’s not about blue and red—it’s about green.”

Fox News will probably make more money than they did before. Now its viewers don’t need to waste time trying to pretend what they are being told is real, like addicts who swear they could quit tomorrow if they wanted to.

Now they can just admit they’re hooked, and who cares if it’s all lies? As long as they can experience that pure pharmaceutical outrage high it’s all good.


You hate fox news. I get it. US news producers are in business to make money. All of them.
While the side shows are raking in profits, the elephant in the room is that Americans are deeply divided. They are currently facing the prospect of choosing a leader between a right wing businessman with the demeanor of a used car salesman and a worn out left wing career politician with a dismal record who is suffering from cognitive impairment.