KP’s new woke ideology under Buttigieg

From the article;

Anton Tripolskii wrote;

White men with a history of domestic and sexual violence" are more inclined to become “radicalized terrorists.”

Speaking anonymously someone said;

Multiple midshipmen currently attending the academy who spoke to Fox News Digital on condition of anonymity said “woke” ideology has seeped into the school and accelerated under Buttigieg, whose Department of Transportation oversees the service academy.

To avoid the inevitable FOX pile-on I went straight to Anton’s twitter account.

From his tweets and re-tweets this guy is right out there, waaaay left woke insanity,

what is the “degrowthing transnationalism required to reduce the western standard of living” ?

What a lot of agendas to choose from, a hive in his bonnet.

I wouldn’t trust this guy with a packet of matches let alone the educational role of a body of students. (In my opinion)

(gets popcorn)

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Was he hired to be ultra-liberal? Sort of a balance to the perceived right leaning leadership of the academy? I suppose the Maritime Administrator could answer this.

Honestly though. I’m not sure anyone who is tasked with this job could not come off as “woke”. The core concepts of SASH are inclusiveness and acceptance. Most of it is common sense “golden rule” type stuff. That being said, this guys Twitter is cringe on many levels.


It’s virtue signalling crap…five capesize cargo holds worth.

Either the Captain/Chief and (hopefully) shoreside HR state clear policy to the crew and then back it up with action or the SASH posters and mandatory training mean NOTHING. I have unfortunately had to handle gender based and race/faith based issues in the past few years. I was disappointed in the perpetrators for violating the rights of their shipmates but even more upset that this sort of thing happened in what I believed to be a tight knit crew.

Shame on me for living in a fantasy land; some people are no good and the sooner they are discharged for cause, the better this industry becomes. No amount of paper and speeches can make this issue go away. Shipboard leaders need to stamp it out as soon as they know something is amiss.


I get that statement annoys people, but the bigger question is it true or not?
The even bigger question is WTF that has to do with running a ship except for maybe which one of your crew will go nuts first :roll_eyes:


It has nothing to do with that. Why is that “the even bigger question” though?

WTF it has to do with running a ship? Isn’t that what I said?

Sorry, typo in my reply.

Of course not.

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Multiple midshipmen currently attending the academy who spoke to Fox News Digital on condition of anonymity said “woke” ideology has seeped into the school and accelerated under Buttigieg, whose Department of Transportation oversees the service academy.

Everything has been a blur the past few years, but hasnt the last SASH stand down occured under Buttigiege? Like the whole Midnx case came out with this administration? Wouldnt it make sense to see more “woke” stuff given they have to do something becides ignore the problem?

I cant say I’m familiar with the “anti-woke caucus” but my gut would ask, were these the same folks a few years ago saying we shouldn’t cancle folks for tweets they made years ago? (Let alone a retweet).

There are definitely major rape-y vibes in our industry, maybe someone from the outside might be for the better.


You honestly can’t see that making that statement is the very definition of racism?

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Even if it is a true statement? Yeah, I know this is a can of worms and not sure why it is going on at KP.
My first question is what study shows that and how good is it?

Why what is going on at Kings Point?

Without seeing a study, I’m not going to jump to the conclusion it is a true statement.

Are black/Asian/Arab men with a history of domestic and sexual violence less inclined to become radicalized terrorists?

I’m struggling to understand why race was in the statement at all. But then I always struggle when someone plays a race card. I prefer to judge individuals on merit rather than color.

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Its important to note, that everyone who signed the declaration of Independence, and those who fought for the United states in the revolution were all domestic terrorist, and to be fair they were all white. Those who fought for the confederate States of America were also domestic terrorists, also majority white.

So statistically, Id wager most domestic terrorists in the Americas have been white men.

Also, if you read the article its not going on at KP, its something this guy retweeded from someone else like three years before he got the job.

Another article says that the Supt was holding a Q&A forum, and one Mid asked her why the painting ‘Christ on the Water’ was relocated lest it offend some people, but the banners the Administration hung celebrating LGBTQ are ok, when that lifestyle is offensive to some people. The questioner got a standing ovation.
Apparently she answered with an excuse about protecting minorities.
I think the Mids will not be brainwashed or gaslit, and these woke efforts are largely being ignored.



It was relocated because not all students there are Christian and some of the non-Christian students complained about the school promoting one religion over all others in violation of the law.

I fixed it for you.


Not all students are male or female aparently, so are they going to relocate the male and female toilets ?
Diversity of opinion is offensive to the woke, hence cancel culture, and our academic institutions becoming intellectual monocultures, (in my opinion, which at the moment, no-one can prevent me from holding). Let the thought-crime continue (i’m sure it will be fixed).

We should all be free to be offended equally.


I will never understand the fixation on the toilets.