U.S. Intelligence Report

The real deal on the state of election interference viz Russia. Not recommended for the facts and evidence averse crowd. Short version: Of course Russia did it. And they had help. full.pdf (2.3 MB)

We meddle in their elections (as well as many others), they meddle in ours. It’s what nation-states do and have done forever. Read up about CIA interference in Chile in the early 70’s if you want a primer and go from there. The list is pretty long.


Did what exactly? If your claim is they helped Trump, it obviously didn’t work too well.


Read the report. The “proxies” is the fun part. No one is accusing them of being smart criminals.

I did read the report. I don’t see the justification for a triumphal “Of course Russia did it”. Did what? What success did Russia achieve?

Fun? Strange to apply that word to the serious business of running clean, fair elections.

It said Putin had ordered various activities. I seldom hear much about him not being smart, and I doubt if interfering in US elections is illegal in Russia anyway, so not criminal. I seem to remember claims of a couple of Facebook advertisements by the Russians in 2016 somehow flipping the election to Trump. If true, I’d call that smart.

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Who and what are the proxies? Who are the tools of the proxies? Who said the criminals were limited to Russians?

This is the hypocrisy that I expect from gcaptain & social media in general. 2 days ago I started a thread about growing tensions with Russia that will probably end in another proxy war that career DC politicians are notorious for & it was shut down. I even mentioned maritime related connections a couple of times. It mostly had 4-6 frequent gcaptain commentors somewhat agreeing our system of constant proxy/oil related wars is screwed up. SHUT DOWN, thread locked. Then the next day one of the farthest left commentors starts another thread following the narrative that Republicans were assisted by Russian spies in election fraud & that is just fine? And who does he drag into the conversation??? Jughead, his polar opposite, perhaps the most conservative commentator on this forum. There’s other threads where moderators & other lefties make hundreds of jokes/comments about P45 wanting to nuke hurricanes & buy Greenland but a thread over P46 making political mistakes causing a world superpower ambassadors to flee DC & that gets shutdown? Leftists & Democrats just love starting proxy wars where a bunch of foreign, poor brown people get killed is all I can come up with. Any discussion to discourage such wars equals Thread Locked.

Throughly vent now. I won’t make any more comments on this thread or attempt to steer the narrative away from Republicans being in cahoots with Russia & any retaliatory wars we start being Trumps fault.


Oh, the Russians and Chinese don’t need to start shooting wars, they are much smarter than that. They feed disinformation to the peons in the USA of both parties and watch them destroy each other, mission accomplished. They then start small skirmishes around the world costing them a million or so dollars and laugh as the USA throws billions of dollars in retaliation. If you look at it from an objective point of view it is almost humorous. The USA is being played.


Bless your heart.

I posted news. An official government report that was prepared under the Trump administration. One which you obviously couldn’t be bothered to peruse, much less read.

You can call me far left if it helps you sleep at night, but you’ll be hard pressed to find an actual opinion of mine posted anywhere. I deal in facts. Unless you refer to my attacks on Trump’s profound lack of intellect, but I would argue that is an objective inference based on available evidence.

Jughead willingly stuck his neck in the noose. I neither encouraged him or wanted him. I try hard not to feed trolls these days.

Edit: this one will likely run off the rails and die a quick death as well. For what it’s worth, I share your dislike for the killing off of threads. It tends to protect feelings to the detriment of more worthy qualities.


Forget the names of the P’s involved. Focus on this from the report:

Throughout the election cycle, Russia’s online influence actors sought to affect US public perceptions of the candidates, as well as advance Moscow’s long standing goals of undermining confidence in US election processes and increasing sociopolitical divisions among the American people.

If you say you have no problem with Russian efforts, you’re saying you have no problem with them undermining confidence in the American election process and dividing us.

If you say that, you’ve normalized any U.S. political party turning to Russia, or any foreign power, and working with them to covertly sway elections and undermine public confidence in American institutions.

Either you say the Russians were wrong to do it, or you accept their efforts. If you accept them, from now on no American election will be free of foreign influence, something which has never happened in the history of our Republic until five years ago.

You can say that Russian influence didn’t sway this election. But you can’t say that public confidence in elections hasn’t been undermined. If an enemy bombs your city, you can’t say that the attack didn’t happen because one bomb out of three didn’t explode, or because those two remaining bombs didn’t reach their targets. They still attacked your city.

We don’t need to go to war with Russia or anybody else. All we need to do is face reality, accept that it happened, acknowledge the effects, and throw off the influence.


Has been happening for longer than I have been alive, the pots calling the kettle black.

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Everyone here should watch “The Great Hack” on Netflix. Eye opening in terms of what you consider “meddling” and what is done by private companies representing politicians and their agendas.

None of this matters.

Biden will resign in two years and one day due to Alzheimers or senility, Kamala will become president AND run for two more terms. If you don’t see those signs yet you are blind. Notice how “hairy legs” is never allowed to speak off the cuff? Classic onset of Alzheimers behavior.

Anyone want to bet $1?


Sounds like a sucker bet…


I only bet on what I KNOW I will win or if losing is better for me overall.

This is why the dems wanted to take away the football from old Joe.

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No press conferences. His puppeteers cut him short on any questions.


I agree entirely (don’t you hate that?)

But I would add that the public confidence was far less damaged by the Russians or any other foreigners than it was internally. The most lasting damage has been caused by Americans.

The US election process is an international disgrace. Some states could declare results the following day. Some are still in doubt and being challenged in courts. If Americans are proud of a system that tens of millions of their fellow citizens - including a sizeable proportion of those on the winning side -regard today as being stolen, then God help you. Most flea-bitten, God forsaken, s…hole nations can produce election results quicker and more honestly than that.

You are witnessing now the demise of your once-great nation. And most of you are smiling.


Well, hell, if you have a lock on fortune telling, why stop at a dollar? Why not make it interesting? Why not bet a $1000? If you lose, you make a check out to the Wounded Warriors Project. Mail it to John here. He can pass it on to WWP and let us all know what a great guy you are.

Not that we would think you would ever welsh. Two years and one day from now you can gloat over how you were right. And, as you say, there is no chance you losing, so what’s the harm? :wink:

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Can someone explain why this thread of leftist drivel that merely regurgitates the same claims as 4 years ago is still up?

I don’t have any problem following the rules but I would prefer them to be universally applied.


I dunno. Is a report by the National Intelligence Council of the United States of America “leftist drivel”? By all means sir, make that case.