Censorship issue

The post in response to mine had no disinformation, and frankly, who are any of the mods here to decide what is disinformation? If you’re going to flag a post and remove it for disinformation why wouldn’t you at least point out said disinformation? Otherwise it becomes a censorship issue.

I will rephrase; why was a post flagged and removed with no explanation? If you’re going to flag something for “disinformation” shouldn’t it be explained?

If it was an established forum member yes, not in this case however.


This is slowly going to become the new normal. They are starting to acclimate people by the constant refrains of ‘without evidence’ in the media. A small segment of the population, unelected and without any oversight, will decide what is true and any other viewpoint will be labeled as disinformation and removed.

I would recommend picking up your can.


My real gripe was that I have a copy of the post that was flagged and removed. There was no disinformation in it.

This topic of the elections, ballots has been discussed here a couple times. You’ve been posting here for a while, If you want to start a thread have at it.

Please report to Twitter, Facebook, or Google to be instructed on what is disinformation.

I remember being 18 years old and standing screaming on the street with millions of other people protesting the Iraq war. 18 years later I’m watching the same people that marched with me against the war celebrating that someone that voted to authorize it was elected president. It takes powerful manipulation to make that switch. 18 years ago I would have sworn it was impossible. Things change.


Again, I’m more concerned why they were flagged with no justification. If you want to flag something as disinformation, which may very well be true, at least say “this post has some disinformation, be aware.” I understand this is a private forum in regards to ownership and they have the right to do as they please, just as google, FB, and Twitter do. But they at least have a justification and on Facebook there is a link to article disproving the flagged one.

I think flagging and removing with no justification is a dangerous precedent to set.


“Disinformation” can be easily countered by true information. Simple freedom of speech issue.

We have a right to hear what idiots say. We have a duty to allow them to speak and then to hear the counter argument.

If this private site says it deletes disinformation, it should start with most of the election topic. All of it could be so classified, including my own!


Wasn’t there a ban on discussing national politics on this forum until a year or two ago?


Or, “disinformation” can be proven by a lack of evidence. If I say Jughead is a nazi, but provide no evidence of such, it’s obviously disinformation.

I’m not calling you a Nazi. Let the forum know that I, BeerCaptain, have not called Jughead a Nazi.

Exactly what is your evidence that I am NOT a nazi? Your lack of evidence is not the same as actual evidence of absence, is it?

Innocent until proven guilty, the great part about this country. You wouldn’t understand, you Aussie bastard.

Yes, a legal tenet handed on a platter to you by your British forebears who strangely seemed to do the same for their far more successful settlement in Australia. We had learnt from your difficult birth to do things without killing so many people and then fighting amongst yourselves to stand on the top of the resultant heap.

But it’s a legal tenet, used in courts and not necessarily one available for normal discourse. We don’t go to court for every dispute, do we? BTW, how many innocent people have you legally executed? Enough to make you doubt?

Alas, no so. And by your argument, I’m innocent of that charge, as you don’t seem to have proven me guilty. And thanks for the compliment.

How can you be so sure? You haven’t proven he isn’t. He might be. Are you still beating your wife?

Do you have proof I have a wife?


By common discourse standards, again, I have no reason to think you’re a Nazi. I personally subscribe to the idea that everyone is innocent until proven guilt in all aspects of life. If I can piece together what I think of you one way or another, I find you guilty.

You more than once in your previous statement referred to yourself as Australian, and your profile says you joined the Australian navy at 16 so, but the proof provided, you’re Australian. Prove me wrong.

Who gives a fuck whether you have a wife or not. Many of us have wives that probably deserve a beating, but we are rather civil for the most part. Been married to the same gal for over 40 years, she has beat my ass quite often verbally, not physically. As you know, opposites attract. I would’nt change a thing.

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Uhm no, no wife deserves a beating. That’s just wrong.

Please look at the context of my reply and try again.

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“Guilt” to what standard? According to whom? And so what?

Of what? Being me? That’s a heinous offence … apparently. What you think isn’t evidence, and who cares what you think?