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It makes about as much sense as the route the Notre Dame murderer took to Paris from Tunisia.

What was he doing in Paris?
Nice is quite close to the Italian border and the murders took
place in Nice according to all the reports I have seen.

Did you get confused by the name Notre Dame and thought that was the most famouse one in Paris?
Nice has one as well FYI:

She was not killed by a policeman that was supposed to protect people from violence, not kill them.

The killer was not a pirate either so not comparable to either subject.

Don’t come and say I support terrorists, pirates or rough cops. I don’t.

I feel sure that the French will hold a fair trial for the Nice murderer, not kill him without a trial, though.

PS> Norway went through a horrific terrorist incident in 2011 as everybody know. They did not just kill him, or lock him up without a trial, but held a full court process with the world press in attendance.

I disagreed at the time, but I have come to see that that was the right way to do it to show the world that Norway is a civilised country with the Rule of Law.

Oops, my brain fart, was thinking of the Paris teacher. The Nice truck massacre was committed by another Tunisian as well as this latest atrocity.

I know Nice fairly well, I do (did until recently) a lot of work in the South of France and fly into Nice when I don’t take the train down from Paris. I have a project on hold in Marseille, has been for months and now looks like put off until 202?

The French are going to get completely fed up with this fanatical religious bullshit soon and it will be a disaster for everyone.

France has allowed a situation to develop where nearly 10% of its population consists of muslim refugees who don’t integrate. Within 2 generations, they will be a majority. Sharia law will replace Napolionic law and the country as we know it will be gone.

Or they will see a miracle, like the “American Melting pot” that created a nation out of a a mixed bunch of religious refugees, hungry migrants and ex. slaves.
Hard to believe such a thing could happen, but it has.
(Maybe not fully completed yet??)

Miracles happen in the pages of the Bible. America was a melting pot where refugees strove to fit in. It’s not a valid comparison.

Was or is a melting pot? Isn’t it still going on? If I’m not mistaken there are a diverse bunch of people still arriving and setting up ghettos initially. It usually take a generation or more for integration to fully take place.

The Muslim population in the US appears to have manage to integrate at least as fast as any other religious group, race or ethnic group. Why can’t that happen in France???

I know, the French was a homogenic people, living on the same land for centuries, which is different from a fairly new nation of many different ethnic and religious groups thrown together and having to find a way to survive in an unknown (sometime hostile) environment.

Yet there are racial, religious and ethnic tension.
It is too early to know how the American experiment will turn out in the end.

It still is. It’s in the country’s DNA unlike homogenic France until the 1960’s.

It’s a work in progress.

Maybe its the pressure to ‘integrate’ into a society with liberal values (such as freedom of press, enfranchisement of women, and mass education) that pushes some conservatives over the edge. On both sides of the Atlantic.

I think this thread is grossly misnamed. I’m taller than most Americans which makes me a minority height wise. What strife & what minority are we talking about here? To blame all strife on all minorities like myself is asinine.

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Its not a great title, but it does’t say: all strife is caused by all minorities. You’re distorting it: not helpful.

Changed title.

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I was looking for something more descriptive like "Seriously Muslims, how long before you stop beheading people in the name of …well I’m not sure it’s safe for me to say his name so I won’t.


I don’t think so. While most people would criticize alcoholics who contribute greatly to traffic related deaths in the US I suspect very few would chime in on a thread titled, “Minorities shouldn’t be allowed to own cars.” I think many would find such a thread title offensive. At first I thought the O.P was using such terminology to control a narrative but since he changed it I suspect he is just frustrated that a maritime related thread about piracy was ran off course again.

as I guess you would know, especially on the med coast every French house is full of guns…

in a democracy the majority get their way minorities dont.

I guess that’s why there’s no true democracies, especially not in the U.S.

A ‘true democracy’ would be an absolute horror and nobody wants it. In a proper democratic system, the minority have the same rights as the majority protected by a constitution which is difficult to change without general agreement, as opposed to majority agreement.

In a true democracy you would need no government as all decisions would be made by everybody and the majority would simply vote away the rights of the annoying minority. A simple majority might want Donald Trump beheaded, but alas, it’s not that simple in a working democracy.

Don’t be tempted too much to fiddle with systems that have developed by consensus and lived experience to produce successful nations. The Lefties will always claim communism hasn’t been tried properly yet. That’s why they keep trying to implement it … and this time it will be nirvana … trust them, they say.

A good case for keeping the electoral college.