Russian Trawler Aground in Norway

As reported by NRK: Original - Babelfishified

The AIS track on Marinetraffic makes it pretty clear that they simply missed a turn:

I ain’t sayin’ I know what happened here, but the heady mix of vodka and sleep deprivation has claimed many victims.

No Pilot on board?
I know that this is a regular visitor to Tromsø, so maybe the Master had a Pilot exemption?
PS> They can’t complain that it was dark at the time (No matter what time)

I’d think not, since two people between them should have spotted the 3000 ft mountain dead ahead.

According to their latest statement, the police have taken a blood sample of the chief mate on suspicion of alcohol impairment. He is also under suspicion of reckless navigation, which doesn’t come as much of a surprise:

Yes it is possible they followed an age old tradition for fishermen and sealers; “Avseiler”
(Sorry, I don’t have a simple translation of the word)
I hope they turned to Port on departure.
At least they had sense enough not to leave on a Friday.
But maybe someone was dumb enough to bring an umbrella on board?

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The Norwegian PEC system is worthy of a thread of its own. I was on a ship the other year and the Master had a PEC ‘from Sweden to Russia’. I didn’t doubt him but it’s surely an impossibility? Is it because if you’re not on the cliff it’s bottomless fjords so really not so challenging?

First time I have looked at what is entailed in the Norwegian PEC-system:
One thing for sure, it does not involve voyages “from Sweden to Russia”.

Try looking at the Inner Fairway stretching from Kvitsøy in the south to Magerøy (North Cape) and you’ll find a lot of possibilities to hit rocks. (But few mud banks)

Come along for a south bound trip through Steinsundet:

Now imagine coming through here on a dark winter night with heavy snow and a force 10 or more on the beam.