Off-Topic from AK ferry

Just a bit south, BC Ferriers are expecting their 6th newbuilt hybrid electric ferry soon:
This one is built in Romania, but design drawings for building similar ferries at US yards can be had from several European ship designers with years of experience. No need to re-invent the wheel:

If the Jones Act was rescinded, the AK Ferry system could buy directly from Romania and really save some money. But no, they’ll have to build in the US and shove money down a rat hole.

No need to rescind the entire Jones Act, just need to update this 100-year old Law to a relevant Cabotage Law, reflecting today’s reality.

Shipbuilding subsidize and welfare of seafarers is not “cabotage” and should not be part of a Cabotage Law.

Subsidize of all kinds should be above board and according to OECD and WTO rules and limitations.

Does modern day seafarers need to be “wardens of the state”?
Aren’t they able to look out for themselves, through Unions domestically and MLC’06 internationally?

Being considered a ward of the state got me out of jury duty once… so it’s not all bad.

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I had to earn my excusal:

Q Is anyone in your family in law enforcement?
A My father is a detective with the NYPD

Q Do you know the arresting officer, Trooper ******?
A I work with his wife

Q Do you know the prosecuting attorney?
A He’s my house mate

Q Do you know the Judge in this case?
A He was the instructor in my Trial Practice course

I’m not sure why he needed to keep asking questions, I could have been excused for cause after any one of them