Master of Towing

Master wanted. Must have experience in hawser and wire work. Full time position. Send resume to

is it easy work?

Seat of the pants barge work in narrow canals and bridges…still got that mates opening lol?

It sounds like fun. Too bad I just made a commitment for the Alaska season.

Its looks like fun work. I see them zippin around moving scows. Thats alot more fun then oil work.

It is a lot of fun. But I’m a tugboater. I enjoy the tight maneuvers and creek work. And we’ve filled the deck mates position and now we are looking to fill a Masters Position. It’s a equal time position.

In search of a Master of Towing. NY harbor work. Email

I’ve enjoyed reading this thread to get all the varying opinions and thoughts on how these increasingly bigger vessels should/could be staffed for better results. I personally don’t have a problem with the bigger OSV’s having a ships structure when it comes to manning and operations. I think the pro’s would outweigh the con’s but I also don’t think that it has to be done to get good results. Whether you agree with it or not OSV’s have come a long way in the last 20 years without U/L licenses or a huge crew compliment. I think from a budgetary and operational standpoint changing the manning structure will have major hurdles to overcome with OMSA, the USCG and the vessel owners. Let’s face it, in the GOM only HOS, ECO, Otto Candies, Harvey Gulf and maybe Jackson Offshore (depending on their fleet size) would have the equipment and contracts to pull a ships manning structure off. The little guys simply won’t be able to afford to do this. And as a vessel owner I can’t see many reasons to hold this down IF and only IF this equates to higher day rates. The day rates for vessels are as high now as they have ever been and I don’t personally think it will be sustainable for the long term.

Here’s a question that I would be curious to see the responses to. Would you rather work on a large OSV with a ships manning structure for less money or a large OSV with the conventional manning structure for more money?