Tugboat Captain/ Mates/ Deckhands Wanted

Do not reply to this thread if you have no tugboat handling experience. If you have experience with conventional tugboat work and can supply references. Please send your resume to tugboatchief72@yahoo.com.

Deckhands. No experience required. Must be a current holder of MMC and TWIC. Please send resume and or work history to tugspecialist@yahoo.com

What company

New York Marine

[QUOTE=tugboatchief;81728]New York Marine[/QUOTE]

Are they looking for part-time or fill-in guys?

Sounds like you got that new tug for your fleet then?

We do the pre sale inspection thurs. If all goes well we will sign the purchase agreement and take possession of her by the end of the month.

Now the fun begins… Crewing the boat.

Tell us about the boat…one of the ones pointed out earlier or another?

btw, I’ve got my MOTV endorsement yet I think I’ll stay where I am for the $$$ but I’d love to do some good old fashioned hawser work again. Been a lot of years but I think I still would have the right stuff to bring a big barge into a small place. Towing is more pure vessel handling and seamanship that just about any maritime work out there.

If things go as planned tomorrow I’ll bring you up to speed and post some pics. As of now the current owner asked if we would keep it under wraps. I’m guessing he wants to inform his crew personally. Either way the cat will be out of the bag tomorrow.

what kind of work will you be doing? oil? gravel? ???

sent mine in.Thanks for the tip!

Conventional tugboat work. Hawser work/wire work/ gate lines. Could be oil one day and stone the next. We need to fill positions on our boat in Puerto Rico and in NY.

so would an AB/Tankerman be of interest to you?

Are there any openings still?