Mate of Towing

Deck mate wanted. Must have a mate of towing endorsement. NY harbor.

Where do u apply?

You up and coming young guys ought to pay attention to this!

I don’t know Tugboatchief, but I’ve read enough of his posts to know that this would be a great learning opportunity.

Thanks tugsailor. And you are correct. This is a excellent opportunity for a up and comer to learn from some of the best boatman in NY harbor.

Gain practical experience doing conventional and unconventional tugboat work.

Nothing like towing a light one out on gate lines thru the triple bridges on the hack.

Sometimes I get the itch to go back to that kind of work. Golden opportunity for someone as tugsailor said. Good chance for the elusive NY experience.

Great offer right here. I do miss the seat eating moments going through the gate with a light one on the hip.