Off topic of US Built Rock Carrier

No, they didn’t say so, it is implied by the fact that it has the approval of Ulstein, DNV and Van Oord.

Ulstein supervised the construction at the yard in China, together with the Class Surveyors from DNV and the team from Van Oord.

Van Oord said that. They have operated the vessel for over 4 years, so they should know if they got a bad ship.

Of course you and your buddies know better than all of those mentioned above, Without having even seen the ship, or know anything about how it has performed.

But don’t let lack of knowledge stop you from making another negative comment about anything and everything.

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You have a major ship on your shoulder about anyone that has any colleagues in this industry, hard to believe you worked for so long in this industry and dont know anyone?

So non of your buddies there as you dont have any to confirm what you say or are you just repeating what you read in the press?
Did you work on it or visit the yard when it was under construction?

None of that changes my comment and as your not technical perhaps you cant understand the difference between quality design and quality construction.

So they shipped a huge team from Europe to stand over every worker to ensure it was built properly, ok that probably worked.

I worked in a fleet with Ulstein designed PSV’s built in India, nice design but they were terrible everywhere from poor workmanship.
They failed to send a pile of expats to supervise,oops.
There was no press, who’s going to say we wasted our money, they need to get them on hire, you do live in dream land.
ECO mentioned in the press the Aiviq was a faulty design and not fit for purpose, suing class, or did they?

They also had a fleet of AHTS’s built in Singapore, rubbish local design but nicely built/fit and finish
but good welds on bad design still fail. They hogged and sagged so bad there were constant drive train failures. Those builds did have a pile of Norwegians supervising, we all wondered what they did as they allowed the same bad design to be used each time even though the boats were coming back to the yard inside 12 months for rework along side the vessel still under construction.
Norwegian owner in both cases, lots in the press about it, NOT!
Class is useless, if they are involved in the project and its faulty its stays faulty, DNV as bad as ABS in that regard. A first year NA or any structural engineer or anyone that played with meccano as a kid could have spotted the design fault in the AHTS’s but class approved so they are good to go…lol
Did the company have to keep lying to the owner and charterer sure thats how this industry works if you want to stay on hire. They/we/us had to lie as the owner paid the operator, us, to supervise the build.
They were probably never in class approved DP2 mode the whole time we were on DP2 contracts.
Norwegians ripping off Norwegians lol

ECO mentioned in the press the Aiviq was a faulty design and not fit for purpose, suing class, or did they?

So…what happened?

Yes I did work a long time in the offshore industry, in a variety of capacities and all over the world. (40+ years) I do know some people that is still active, but I don’t want to throw out names here.

BTW; your insult is not called for and doesn’t help your credibility.

Oh I do know, without being “technical”. Having inspected all kinds of vessels and rigs, both for design flaws, construction quality, maintenance and operational suitability for specific tasks I have gained a bit of “technical” knowledge.

You appear to refer to the Deep Sea Supply fleet. They did indeed build some PSVs in India (UT 755L) but those were not Ulstein designed They also built 4 AHTS at Jaya that was of local design. That was all before 2010 and was not repeated

PS>DESS built 8 PSVs of Ulstein PX 105 design in China in 2014, though.

Everybody is useless in your eyes, with one exception (??)


:sweat_smile:This is what happens when you get to be an old fart with nothing better to do.

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Just pointing out to the old fart that nothing in the press doesnt mean there wasnt issues that class approved.
Class approving faulty design, wow never happened before.
Why would you publise mistakes?


yes just like your constant insults that I have friends, colleagues, acquaintances etc spread over many industries as you appear not to, is it a jealousy thing?

Wish both of you guys would knock this tit for tat stuff off. Unlike some, I do appreciate Bugs vast experience. He is an old fart, as are a lot of us.


Yes it is a bit stupid, so I’ll end it here and now:

Powerabout, You’re Right


:grinning: If one lives long enough we all become old farts. It is a badge of honor earned thru experience and just simply staying alive. However, one of my wise ass offspring told me that in their considered opinion I was not an old fart based on their observation of my activity involving body and mind, This genius stated I simply suffered from codgerism. WTF?


My second chuckle of the day.

True, I remember when an ABS inspector came on board the same day as a USCG inspector on an anchor handler. Rudder post bearings were gone and OWS could not keep up with the leakage unless bilges were pumped overboard. I told the ABS inspector about it but he kinda shrugged it off.He said as long as you guys come in to port to pump you are OK USCG inspector comes on 1 hour later, noticed the same problem, I told him the same thing I told ABS. USCG said higher up officials were coming but likely the COI would be pulled. I told the ABS guy this. Suddenly the head of the shipyard for the company shows up. Chouest shipyard, Chouest vessel. Phone calls were made and the shipyard manager said he wasn’t worried about ABS, one call from his bosses to Houston would shut them up. However, the USCG was a different matter, just depended on who was in charge at that time. Banana republic shit and the end of my brief experience with the Chouest plantation


I’m sure we could have a long thread on class cockups
IMHO the system is fatally flawed in the the regard that the client is paying the organization to moderate/approve what they want. New build is the major source of income and that a bidding war of the lowest price.
Who would fly in an aircraft if that was the system?
Class needs to be a government department.

Wasn’t that maintenance problem rather than class approval of design??

Yes, who would fly on anything like that?:

Yep regulator cosies up to to constructor/regulated
Budget cuts and self certify comes into play and the constructor doesnt explain what they have actually done so its gets approved.
The change meant pilots had to be fully aware of that change yet that information didnt make it to pilots. ( well not in the budget ones in the 3rd world)

Of course this whole story was airlines that wanted new planes without requiring pilot training, save money.

I remember the USCG boss being grilled when the Deep Water Horizon went down and their responsibility of oversight of foreign vessels in the gulf.
He had the figures on the vessels, his staff levels and their boats, it was plain to see they cannot possibly do their job due to totally insufficent resources to do the job the goverment required.

Thats still a better system than you pay directly to the regulator who needs your money to survive.
Shall we start a thread on incompetent and corrupt class?

That was a maintenance and oversight issue. The company was requesting another waiver from required periodic inspection, they had received 2 already. It was also an example of tail wagging the dog by “regulator.”

Maybe better; start a thread on the role and functions of Classification Societies, which is NOT to be regulators. That is the role and function of Flag State Maritime Authorities.

Maybe the story of how it all begun is a good starting point?:


yes its a mess, IMO Flag then class, lots of finger pointing
an NA designs something faulty, class approves and its built, gets flag to sail and and fails, who owns the responsibility here?

Look at the world of DP, Class bailed out as they worked out they dont have the skill sets, so out sourced testing for approval, rubber stamps that, where is the flag state?

Ship owners figured out many years ago they realistically were accountable to no one except maybe the insurers.