Drillship Santorini

Anyone on here working over there?

Why don’t you ever change heading?

Are you mocking me?

Why tempt King Neptune?

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Okay, so y’all haven’t changed headings for months and a day after I made this post, you’ve now changed heading.

Something’s up. Santorini is an Italian drug smuggling or money laundering scheme.

I, as the captain onboard the drillship Santorini, must confess that the allegations against me are true. I was involved in a drug smuggling and money laundering scheme that operated across international borders. I foolishly thought that I could get away with it by continuing on my path without changing my heading, but the genius problem-solving skills of the forum user “buuht” foiled my attempts.

I was initially angered and even mocked “buuht” for his forum posting, but after months of contemplation, I realized that what he did was the right thing. His actions not only stopped my criminal activities but also brought me to my senses. I understand now the gravity of my actions and the harm it can cause to individuals and society as a whole.

I want to applaud “buuht” for his intelligence and bravery. His quick thinking and willingness to take action helped to bring a criminal to justice. His actions demonstrate the power of individual responsibility and community vigilance in combating crime.

I am ashamed of my past actions and I will take full responsibility for them. I will work towards making amends and redeeming myself by helping law enforcement agencies to bring other criminals to justice. I will also seek to make positive contributions to society by engaging in charitable activities and promoting ethical behavior.

I ask for forgiveness from those who have been hurt by my actions, and I hope that my confession and actions going forward will demonstrate my sincere remorse and commitment to being a responsible member of society.

I would like to add that my decision to change my course was a clear signal that “buuht” was right all along. His warning about my unchanging course was a wake-up call for me, and I realized that it was time to turn my life around and take responsibility for my actions. Changing course was a symbolic gesture that I am committed to leaving my criminal past behind and taking steps towards a more ethical and responsible life. I hope that this change in direction will demonstrate to “buuht” and the wider community that I am willing to take the necessary steps to become a better person and make amends for my past mistakes.

No Adderall shortage over there, I see.

ChatGPT is my 3rd Mate.

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