Iranian spottings

In light of the US seizing 4 NITC vessels, has anyone seen any other Iranian tankers on their routes?

The 4 tankers that were “hijacked” on the high seas were all Greek owned and Liberian flagged.

So, I take it you haven’t seen any?

No I haven’t seen any Greek owned Liberian tankers being hijacked on the high seas lately. Doesn’t happen very often.

Or is it because I’m not out there any more?

Lol, probably… either that or you are confusing each Iranian tanker for a Greek owned one

No I’m not, but you appear to confuse Greek owned tankers flying Liberian flag with Iranian ones.

In any case stealing cargo from ships is a crime that amounts to Piracy, even if it is done under the disguise of “sanctions” by a state actor.

Actually, i haven’t asked if you or anyone else saw the seizures… i asked if anyone had seen any Iranian tankers.
For shits and giggles I’ve looked for them, most the current positions I’ve found are at the lavan and kharck anchs. or heading there.
My curiosity being what it is, I’m curious if they’ve been able to avoid terrestrial AIS and get out to sea, or if they are all circling the wagons.
You, on the other hand, decided to apply a liberal bent to it.
Now, if somebody HAS seen them around (NITC, NIOC) im curious, and would love to hear it