Red sea attacks by iran proxy

From G-Cap’s lead story today, a Maersk vessel was attacked yesterday. In Associated Press today, a MSC vessel was hit & another vessel was attacked. . . Copied from my post in “Norwegian Tanker Attacked”:

First off, I’m waiting for the “Bug” to comment. I always look forward to his opines…
BUT I’M PISSED OFF. In my 7th decade, with what few brain-cells that are functioning, I remember how the US Navy had over 900 ships: 25 Carriers;35 cruisers, 219 destroyers, 50 frigates, 105 submarines, 41 boomers, 84 minesweepers, 157 amphibs, & 210 auxiliary. That was 304 strike surface ships. The US was able to project power. Now, we have insufficient numbers to deploy.

Yeah, I’m a hawk. I want to see multiple ARC LIGHTNING B-52 raids on the Houthis, to deliver a diplomatic message to Iran. But there is no more resolve in the upper levels of US government to solve the problem. Last night, the news was reporting over 85 attacks on US forces in Syria & Iraq. In reply, there have been 6 sorties. THE MINIMALIST RESPONSES ARE NOT WORKING.

Until such time as the attackers "feel pain greater than they inflicted’, the attacks will continue. APPEASEMENT NEVER WORKS. Ask Britain after Chamberlain returned from Munich. .

Meme.Lord replied in part, “Not my monkey, not my circus. If it was a US tanker that was attacked, yes, id say we should do something.”

The situation that’s developing is a well-armed militia is causing havoc in international shipping lanes. WHO’S GONNA STOP IT?? It won’t be Russia, Korea, Iran. I ask again: WHO???

Best case, would be a coalition of course. Will it be NATO or EU? Will Japan, the Aussies & the Kiwis help? It would be nice.

But since I am a hawk, after extending the invitation to potential member of the “Red Sea Coalition Fleet”, and getting insufficient answers, the USA should deliver “B-52 & B-2 Diplomacy” by the ton. Acting like a withering wallflower isn’t working very well.

It appears that they aren’t stupid or crazy - or else they’re lucky - as they have not attacked any US flag vessels.


Ya know, I bet if we left those foreign countries…


But they have.

Ok. Retreat from all countries. Japan; Korea; All of Europe, etc. :man_facepalming:t3::man_facepalming:t3::man_facepalming:t3: And then what happens? Not a good enough answer BC. And I’d like to remind you that the Embassy in Iraq was also attacked. So, sarcastically, should the US abandon all embassies?

I should have been more precise.

US flag merchant vessels.


Egypt and Saudi Arabia both have adequate navies, why should they not have the primary responsibility of protecting shipping in the Red Sea? Especially Egypt, they have a lot to lose if ships aren’t transiting the Suez Canal.

I have no issue with the USN escorting US flagged ships through there (and even near-by Tag alongs) and If these shipping companies want the protection on the USN they should be flying the Stars and Stripes off their sterns


Could the reason be that there ain’t many of them around them parts?
(US Merchant vessels, that is)

Fair point, but their weapon systems are 2nd tier, and I doubt can counter the drones - and more than likely unable to target the launch sites or Yemen infrastructure.

Regarding the second point, from the lead article as of 13:30 EST on 15Dec from G-Cap: [

Shipping Giants Pause Red Sea Voyages, Dealing Blow to Global Trade

](Shipping Giants Pause Red Sea Voyages, Dealing Blow to Global Trade)

Australia has been invited to send a vessel, we have had warships there before and currently have personnel in the region. Don’t know if we have much that is anti-drone. I think 8 cell lauchers and phalanx tyle systems are the best we have. Our AW destroyers are a bit tied up with China stuff.
I’m sure if we can we will, we usually do.

What in the savior complex is going on here. In words of the people I watch walking out of home depot with $800 in tools… “mind ya business.” You are beyond the age of being at risk of being shot at. @BeerCaptain and I can still have our chance to fulfill the male calling of dying in a war in europe. Id rather not though, please dont volunteer my life because you’re “Big Mad” about the sand people shooting at passing ships.


I bet he’s an SSO looking to get some real war experience!


And that is a proper attitude. You see!!!
I am so glad we agree on something and are on the same page.
Good work and steady as she goes. Stop wars and make love but not in the alleyways :heart_eyes:


In his seventh decade, he is more likely looking for a new war documentary to fall asleep to in the la-z-boy, that would be a lot of reserve duty over 40 years.


You’re probably right, he was this guy for sure.

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Maybe this new Norwegian war movie will fit the bill:

Coming in cinemas in Norway 25. Dec.
Don’t know it will be available on streaming services, or for screening in the US.

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:joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

There’s a term for this: Green Lantern Theory

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Look, I don’t want a political debate but Obama did very little in any sphere and very close to zero in the maritime domain (apart from ocean national parks). This Green Lantern theory gained momentum in his second term to justify his lack of action in most areas.

It also came to support what many in his administration believed at the time which was “If America keeps screwing up too many decisions, it’s probably best if we don’t make any decisions at all”

I don’t buy it any more than I buy the inverse… that FDR or Reagan or Eisenhower had incredible leadership powers.

The theory is correct in that we think POTUS can do a lot more than he actually can do. It’s incorrect and the fact that a president appoints people who do have the power to effect change.

Government, like managing a ship, is a team sport. Presidents today don’t get much done because they pick the wrong people for appointments (e.g. donors, political hacks, Ivy League “intellectuals”, etc) they don’t trust those people to make hard decisions on their own, and the president doesn’t hold them accountable.

Great leadership isn’t about charisma or intelligence or effort. It’s about appointing the right leaders below you, motivating and empowering them to take action, and holding them accountable for results. ,

And those leaders are crippled by civil service managers who can’t be fired. If I had one magic wish it would be to find and fire ineffective GS-15s and above.


Without rancor; You are correct. I’m beyond the age of being at risk of being shot at. I had plenty of that in my second decade of life, thank you. If you want to avoid your "chance to fulfill the male calling of dying in a war in europe, take care of proxies now. WW2 happened because nobody wanted to get involved. Neville Chamberlain ‘had peace in our time’. Right up until some guy decided to ignore the piece of paper… Like I said, “without rancor”.