Bulk Carrier ‘Tutor’ Abandoned After Houthi Attack

With all the high tech wiz stuff everybody has, the modern navy knows where these weapons are fired from.
Why is not any return fire offered?

Its a long story, but the US pulled its ground intelligence out of Yemen some time ago, so we dont actually have great knowledge of where things may be.

Couple that with the fact that Houthis can obscure or move where these are being launched from, it makes it a bit more complicated than youd assume “high tech wiz stuf” to be.

Warographics does a pretty good breakdown of the problem.

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So, The US & UK & others, can not defeat some goat luvers and Iranian missiles??
Then how are these countries supposed to defend Taiwan and the PI ??
By rattling some rusty boats with more war games and sink another anchored ship?

The houthi’s are hitting moving targets miles aweigh, sinking ships and claiming lives.

Thru our history, wars have started with less. Time to stop holding hands and kick some but.

Turn them all to glass. let their god sort them out.

There was a time, when the US had balls. . Now, just a paper tiger ready to be immolated. Several months ago, when the Houthis first started attacking merchant shipping, and subsequently US vessels, it was time for unrestricted warfare against them. Curtis LeMay is rolling over in his grave. . . Turning them into glass might be a bit extreme, but the incendiary raids against Tokyo is a very good model to follow.


Many years ago there was a US war game in the middle east. The leader of the “enemy” forces could use any method he chose to fight. He used no military vehicles, no radio communications, no uniforms and mostly low tech weaponry except for the occasional high tech weapon. The results were so bad for the combined US forces that the game was called off early and kept mostly quiet.


The Houthis aren’t America’s problem. Iran is. The Houthis are just their useful idiots. The world’s problem in reality as they are disrupting international trade but the US no longer plays the role of the adult on the world stage. America has lost its way with internal conflict and a failure of leadership and diplomacy. Iran knows it. So does China as their Air Force literally flies rings around Taiwan and Putin threatens nuclear war. We’re headed for some interesting times.


Carpet bombing north Vietnam didn’t make the north Vietnamese give up.

20 years of occupation in Afghanistan didn’t make the Taliban give up.

So, those of you who are itching for a fight with the Houths give us your plan. Go ahead . Let’s hear the details. Also, when you send in the ground troops are you going with them, or is it just thoughts and prayers?


Carpet bomb was not meant to make anybody give up. It was a political offer.
If your going to bring this crap up, get it correct.
Afghanistan was another political fiasco.

It is time for pussy footing to end.
Dresden comes to mind…

The Houthis are a band of rebels, not a country. Just like how we cant turn Mexico into glass because MS13 is killing Americans by smuggling fentanyl into the states, or how the Netherlands is never attacked for any lf the acts of Terrorism that Greenpeace commits, we can not simply put 33 million people already in humanitarian crisis in Yemen into a warzone because of the Houthis. It didnt work for any of the other middle east campaigns, and it wont work here.


Not that I’m looking for WWIII but I wish he would be about if if he’s going to talk about it. We’ve been crossing red lines since this conflict began.

Russia will use nukes if…
…Anyone gets involved in Ukraine
…Germany sends armed tanks to Ukraine
…it is necessary to defend territory in russia
…US+Nato sends aid to Ukraine (redux)
…US allows its weapons to be used on russian territory.

Holding hands and worrying about the poor dumb bastards was a poor attempt to police the middle east, did not work.
We have not fixed a darn thing in 80 years but lost lots of our own lives.

War-zone? not.
The area is a sheet hole spot on the globe already, just sanitize it.
33 million people that allowed these thugs to move in would be helped quickly, only 3 million left to feed.
Think Molotov bread basket - Wikipedia

But this time it would be different, right?

I can’t convince you to care about other people, but injecting ourselves into a country that is already in a humanitarian crisis before an american invasion would just make the whole thing our problem.


So just let these Clowns take an International Shipping Lane? Wow, thats worked so far, huh?

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If you don’t mind the toll on your civilian population, being attacked by the US and losing has its perks.
After defeating Japan, the US rebuilt it, picked up the tab for its military and became close trade partners. After the loss of over 52 thousand American lives in Vietnam and $176 Billion in 1960’s dollars, there’s an American embassy in Ho Chi Minh City and they are now trade partners and a tourist destination. After spending $2.3 Trillion trying to defeat the Taliban, the US pulled out leaving them $7 Billion in military equipment and welfare payments totaling over $3.5 Billion.
Life in the penalty box for the Houthis might not be so bad. They might end up winners in the Great American War Lottery.


Where have I mentioned boots on the ground?

Hey IDF, Try Fu-Go Balloon Bombs.

You mean “terrorism” like this?:

Or this:

Or maybe you were referring to the Rainbow Warrior bombing?:

Yes Greenpeace has it’s worldwide Hq in Amsterdam and their three boats are registered as Yachts in the: https://www.dutchyachtregistration.com/
But it is an international organization: Greenpeace International - Greenpeace International
It also have a major branch in USA: Greenpeace USA: For People and Planet

PS> Did you know that the Greenpeace vessel “Arctic Sunrise” was originally built as the Seal catcher/Polar expedition vessel “Polarbjørn” in Norway in 1975:

She was sold to Greenpeace in 1995 and has had a rather exiting existence since then.
Among other things she was arrested by the Russians from 2013 - 14:

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