Norwegian Tanker attacked

First off, I’m waiting for the “Bug” to comment. I always look forward to his opines…
BUT I’M PISSED OFF. In my 7th decade, with what few brain-cells that are functioning, I remember how the US Navy had over 900 ships: 25 Carriers;35 cruisers, 219 destroyers, 50 frigates, 105 submarines, 41 boomers, 84 minesweepers, 157 amphibs, & 210 auxiliary. That was 304 strike surface ships. The US was able to project power. Now, we have insufficient numbers to deploy.

Yeah, I’m a hawk. I want to see multiple ARC LIGHTNING B-52 raids on the Houthis, to deliver a diplomatic message to Iran. But there is no more resolve in the upper levels of US government to solve the problem. Last night, the news was reporting over 85 attacks on US forces in Syria & Iraq. In reply, there have been 6 sorties. THE MINIMALIST RESPONSES ARE NOT WORKING.

Until such time as the attackers "feel pain greater than they inflicted’, the attacks will continue. APPEASEMENT NEVER WORKS. Ask Britain after Chamberlain returned from Munich. .


Not my monkey, not my circus. If it was a US tanker that was attacked, yes, id say we should do something. Politically this is a loose loose situation, the youths are already ready to kick biden to the curb for supporting Isreal, the old timers hate biden in general, but a little extra for reasons youve outlined.

Sure, 84 attacks on US bases, but notice whats missing? Casualties. At one point fox even said there were not even any injuries or damage to infastructure. Could it be that the definition of “attack” is a bit out of proportion by a media that sells fear? Could these attacks just be people in their pajamas shooting guns at US bases?

I think there are plenty of credible threat of domestic or international terrorism hitting American soil, but until then, im not sure its justified showing the world why the US doesnt have free health care over some kids throwing rocks.

Thr IDF seems to be doing quite the number on Palestine without our help.