UAE says four vessels subjected to 'sabotage' near Fujairah port


What the heck caused damage like that? Doesn’t look like explosion damage (mine or torpedo) to me.



Perhaps these are coming back?


I’ve been wondering about this, as well. Here’s an article with a bit of detail:

I remember Al Fujairah as a proper shit hole with lots of glossy veneer.


Well this must come in very handy for Mr. Bolton.


I thought the same thing. Allision with a dolphin mooring point or another vessels bulbous bow could do that damage but that would hardly be sabotage unless we are counting the self inflicted kind.

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I was thinking a trireme ram would do nicely.

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image Ha. Yeah I missed that post. Another option is that someone fired up the boilers on the battleship Olympia and sailed her over from the Philadelphia waterfront. If you think about it, it is very pro coal and perfect for the job. Also ties into Bolton’s Roosevelt esque “big stick diplomacy” style. It’s an all around winner for this administration really!

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High speed small craft will do that kind of damage. She was holed in a ballast tank, so there could have been some post impact trim change. However, I would have expected to see some paint transfer…


This has got Netanyahu’s fingerprints all over it.


Netanyahu. Now this is a tinfoil theory I could get behind


Or the Saudis. How convenient for either that we will once again take care of their regional enemies for them.


Did I just hear someone mention the Gulf of Tonkin incident?


The article mentions that the Andrew Victory is one of the attacked vessels. The photo included is of the Andrea Victory.


Or tail wagging the dog.

Anything to divert public attention from the cesspool in DC and keep everyone frightened to the point where only a strongman can protect them. Italy and Germany of the 1930s is a great example as are any number of wars and “police actions” in the past 150 years or so.

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Fear is a powerful motivator. A negative one but it’s been effective for politicians and religious leaders since the beginning of time.


In 2003, Colin “if you break it, you own it” Powell gave a speech to the UN laying out the case for war by describing Iraq’s WND program. He even used props. Most of you know the rest of the story. He later described the speech as a “blot” on his record.

Think I should just believe Bolton and Pompeo, because, 'Murica? Nah, I’ll pass


At least the maritime media and alleged experts have been somewhat more circumspect after the spy whale fiasco, maybe we can learn after all!

Of course that mix-up was understandable. we all remember the classic Soviet spying technique of writing “LENINGRAD” on the harnesses of various marine mammals with cameras and sending them to spy on Arctic Norway. devastating


Fujairah is a major cargo and minor fuel port for MSC ships that support USN and coalition ships operating in the Gulf of Oman off the Southern Iranian Coast. An attack on this port could be a way to make resupply lines a bit longer. If resupply operations stopped in Fujairah then cargos and fuels would have to come from Dubai or Bahrain threw the contested Hormuz. That could reduce operations in the area therefore reducing a Southern threat to their boarders.

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And we still do not know who tried to damage USS Cole 19 years ago -