Security Team Shoots the S#%T Out of Somali Pirates - Video

This is the best damn thing I’ve seen all week. Sorry couldn’t figure out how to embed the video straight on here.

Mike…that is a video I have been praying to see for over three years now. How many hundreds of ships anf thousands of seafarers would have not been forced to endure the embarrassement and agony of being taken captive by tinpot thugs if shipowners only decided immediately to meet acts of piracy with an overwhelming and deadly defence!

Christ! A couple of AR-15s will have that much deterrent effect! Imagine the effect of a couple of 50mm’s up that high.

Thank you for “making my day”!

Sort of puts to rest the myopic view that you can’t tell if the myriad fishing skiffs in the area are friendly or not. If they are coming in like that they are NOT innocent. Thanks for putting that up and thanks to the dedicated security team who protected the crew.

I wonder if the pirates were aware that the ship was carrying armed guards and were attempting to board while under fire or if they lost control of the boat? It was a much faster, more aggressive attack then for example the recorded attack on the Liberty Sun.


The Sand Bags Around The Bridge Was A Good Idea But Pallets Would Not Stop Much

Why can’t we seed a few cargo ships with 50 cal? Not every one but enough to give the bad guys pause. Also, if you are <40 miles offshore and a small skiff from nowhere starts making a high speed intercept couse, I don’t see why it can be interpreted as a hostile act and dealt with accordingly.

Full disclosure, I’m not not up on maritime law, but why are most cargo vessels defenseless?

I have a feeling the pallets might serve to conceal the movements and activities of the crew and security forces onboard.

Exactly; concealment, not cover.