Ship abandoned after Red Sea attack

The US Navy is claiming that it’s been laying waste to the Houthi launching capabilities through non-stop sorties from carriers. Apparently the Houthis haven’t noticed. Something’s not adding up.

I saw a headline today that the US Navy is involved in the largest sea battle since WW2. If that is the case, they are losing it handily

I hope that the Navy is capable of suppressing the Houthis. I hope that the problem is just that the Whitehouse won’t let the Navy do what needs to be done.

I could not believe it untill I saw it in this link. Ewoks were always tricky to fight against it seems.

Red Sea Conflict Is Largest US Navy Battle Since World War II: Admiral (

OR…It could be a bunch of portable launchers hidden all over the desert are pretty hard to find.


If only we still had the satellites that were used to identify OBL strolling in his tiny courtyard in Islamabad and the drones that found and obliterated terrorists hiding behind rocks in Afghanistan.

Lol. LMAO.

The EU to the rescue:

PS> Looks like the Houthis are paid up substcriberrs to and Equasis (or eqv.)
Who would think that these guys could even use the internet?:

Illustration: REUTERS/Khaled Abdullah

The Iranians

Suprised your keen mind or parts of it are still submerged in 1980-1990 way of thinking about ewoks and sand people. The ,sometimes bare footed fighters proved many times , they are fast and keen learners and are difficult to fight against on their OWN ground.

Surely You must be familiar with this quote:

The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting

And here is an interesting link to what is thought and where:

Old school but valid still :wink:

They made the Saudi Arabians look like idiots, they are not stupid and are very good fighters.

Yes, the Iranians KNOW they are capable of many things.
It is ignorant (or worse) westerners that think that they are not capable of mastering skills, like using the internet, or fireing rockets from hidden locations.

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Will the new EU naval task force (Germany, Belgium, France, etc) being sent to the Red Sea be anymore effective than the US Navy?

It totally depends on the ROE.
They can play whack-a-mole or they can sink anything that looks like it is an Iranian ship supplying them with missiles and blow up anything on land that looks like a truck that could move anything. All depends on what they want to do and the Houthis love them a fight, so minor attacks are just fun for them.
The REAL leverage is on Iran that actually has something to lose. If their ships start sinking, say one a day, probably they’ll decide fun and games are over for the time being.

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Oh I’m not implying that they are not capable. I am implying that they were likely given those capabilities by Iran.
Some of us “ignorant westerners” have two eyes and a brain behind them to accompany the ignorance and arrogance that seeps out of us like meat sweats after hitting the Golden Corral. :roll_eyes:

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Is this guy for real? Why and who is tying the hands of the USN? Just let them go finish the job. The Houthi’s should be a name of the past by now, they are only going ot get more emboldened and only when a US Mariner is killed will any further action take place. Sad.

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I’m not so sure that the killing of American mariners by the Houthis would prompt the politicians to do anything different.


The best podcast I’ve heard about who the Houthis are and why they are attacking ships:

Dan Snow’s History Hit: Who are the Houthis? on Apple Podcasts

Adult Content Warning: this podcast is apolitical, fact-based, and non-outrage provoking.

Summary: Why are the Houthis attacking ships? Specifically, so that the USA will attack the Houthis.

The Houthis are unpopular with the Yemenis they terrorize and misrule. One thing the Houthis and the average Yemeni can agree on: support for the Palestinians. So, by provoking the USA to attack Yemeni territory the Houthis turn the Yemenis’ hate from the Houthis to the USA. The USA then becomes the terrorists in the Yemeni’s eyes, while the Houthis re-brand themselves into freedom fighters for Palestine. (The Houthis, of course, liquidate anyone who says different).

The Houthis will place their missile launchers near mosques and schools and hospitals in the hopes that American missiles will kill civilians, further steering animus away from the Houthis and onto the West.

Who funds the Houths? Iran. Why? Because Iran is the enemy of the USA, and because instability in the Middle East tends to drive oil prices up, benefiting Iran.

Putin is an ally of Iran. The possibility of escalating oil prices also helps Putin. Even more important for him: the specter of a Middle Eastern war diverts the West’s attention, money, and arms from the Ukraine war. You see this already playing out in politics in the West.

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Standard Middle East terrorist playbook.