Iran demonstrates its readiness to take on US navy

As the deflated eye of the storm passes my dwelling,I am watching the trees swirl around my neighbors car parked in the wrong place, I get my second way early chuckle with this Iran “Readiness title”. So far the damage is one tomato plant. Mullet breeze or Texas blow job. Take your pick.

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I went thru hurricane Andrew in Homestead. Horrible Cat 5. I moved 100 miles north but didn’t forget the experience. When I was at sea I left standing order at home for hurricanes to my family. Cat. 1,2? Close windows. Cat 3? Don’t go outside. Cat. 4? Put up storm shutters. Cat 5? LEAVE

Small world my friend. My son is named after hurricane Andrew. Left Corpus with a load for Lauderdale, told my then pregnant wife this one looks pretty nasty, and name our next son “Andrew” if I get through this one in one piece. Went south to Bay of Campeche, put out the cranes and fished for a bit waiting on the storm to pass.Being below 22 degrees north, company “Boat tracs” didn’t know where I was. (Told them before I left was not going to Florida for a while) . Was hard to believe the damage it caused as we made our trip up the Keys. Blown out hotels and a debris field all the way to the entrance to Lauderdale. Some how, we were able to grub up before leaving. The kicker was the port captain asked “What took you so long?” Effing idiot

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Maybe it collided with a fake, scaled-down container ship. :thinking:


During the spring of 1975, several Iranian Navy sailors attended the US Navy Marine Propulsion School at Great Lakes, IL. I was attending the school too, and spent time together with those foreign sailors. Suffice to say, I learned from them that whatever knowledge they collectively brought back to their home country would be invaluable, as few in the Iranian Navy at the time were well trained. Later, during some of my naval service on USS Saipan (LHA-2) I worked closely with another Iranian-born US Navy sailor and we shared experiences from our childhoods through that time, which was 1977. What my shipmate taught me about his Iranian upbringing was not flattering for the country where he was born. Too much of life there was, and still is, controlled by factions that suppress basic freedoms that are taken for granted in the USA.

Fast forward to 2020 - good on the Iranian military forces for sinking, whether intentionally or otherwise, their own mockup of an aircraft carrier, which DID NOT have the same physical characteristics of a US Navy carrier nor the ability for it to be defended by accompanying vessels, both surface and sub-surface, or by its own integrated, self-defense abilities.

So, not much to see here, let’s move along. But wait, some of the world media see this mockup sinking as newsworthy and of being a real threat to US Navy interests. Need I say (or write) more?

Catch ya later!

Where do you get your news from, the Duffleblog?

Lee_Shore, simply do a search for “Iranian aircraft carrier”, see how much coverage this story has received and read what journalists have written.

Plenty of coverage but no one seems to see this as anything other than a McHale’s Navy style comedy skit. The double irony is that the Iranian navy not only accidently sank their favorite toy representing the great Satan but that they also did it near the entrance to a major port.
Praise be to Allah.

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I agree, the irony of the sinking of the Iranian carrier and of where it happened is a double, unintended whammy. Allah aside, and I like using the “Praise” phrase myself at times, learned it from those Iranian sailor long ago, Iran will continue to be a large thorn in the side for the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Mid East in general.

Designed to get coverage to implicate Iranian awesome power, ain’t worked out so far. Sinking your own fake vessels? I am not impressed. USA is getting quite a chuckle. A thorn in the side, I agree. Nothing more, nothing less. Their “progress” is not impressive.

The Iranians will save face by accusing the US of interfering with their comms while they were practicing sinking a US aircraft carrier. Business as usual.

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not to mention they shot down a civilian aircraft as they guessed it was a missile and the guy that shot that down has a brother in a fireworks factory in Lebanon?