Unmanned Iranian bomb boat spotted

An Iranian unmannedt attack boat laden with explosives was found waiting in the path of HMS Duncan that was sent to the Gulf over rising tensions to protect shipping.

Saudi forces spotted the remote controlled blowfish after Iran said Britain is “playing a dangerous game” and warned the UK to “leave the area.”

The boat has a steering wheel but It is believed that the bomb boat can be operated remotely from up to four miles away and was discovered in the Red Sea. How it got there with an outboard motor is another matter…

Although it is lying rather low in the water is will nevertheless be an easy target for a sophisticated radar system also because of the telltale wake. In my opinion it is a rather crude and low tech attack weapon. I wonder whether the Iranians have subs because that would be a real dangerous attack weapon. Also very dangerous are mines but they could sink their own ships as well. MTB’s are of no use as they easily spotted and taken out by missiles.

There are indeed dangerous games being played.

But still horribly effective, as demonstrated by the LTTE.

Is that an Evinrude on the transom? At least they’re buying American…


Nah, that’s a Yamaha.

Either way, I’m sure the manufacturer is happy for the brand recognition :roll_eyes:

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On a Saudi government truck of course. Jared is so happy he could piss himself.

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33 from ten to 400 tons displacement and two or fewer torpedo tubes.

5 of 500 tons or greater displacement and four or more tubes, including three Kilo class.

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Current administration in America must be getting antsy to get their next perpetual war legacy started In Iran

Over land, that’s a good possibility. Sneaky too to bring that bomb boat to the Red Sea, the least where you would expect it. Crafty creeps.

Look at that Salman eyeballing Ivana. He probably would like to add her to his harem.


That is enough to bring on, in a war situation, a lot of damage.

That describes the present situation pretty accurately. Eisenhower’s industrial military complex axiom must be maintained.

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I’m waiting for seal team 6 to drop in and take back control over the stena ship

I sure hope that isn’t a picture of the actual skiff that is supposedly causing the threat to the HMS Duncan because it looks more like a derelict, fancied up’ed Jonboat that was abandoned due to running out of gas to me.

Being a British ship I would think the job would go to their SAS.


SBS and Royal Marines but unlikely to come to that.

The Saudis and the Iranians are not great mates which is part of the reason we are getting into this mess so we can discount Saudi involvement.

Another photo with no context whatsoever but we should believe whatever story accompanies it?

The Saudis (or Israel) would be delighted to help Jared and Co. fabricate a reason for the US to hasten its slide into a war against Iran.


during the iran iraq war the engines on the radio controlled boats came from Australia

Hey now, payback for that loan to keep 666 Park Avenue above water doesn’t come cheap.

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