How To Survive an Election

About a month now I stopped listening to all news. All of it. I actively avoid going near it. I’ve stayed away from my four newspaper sites. No internet news. No radio. No TV. No social media. Nada. I’ve been purposely stranded on a mental desert island for a month. Told friends and family: I don’t want to hear a word of news. I voted by mail two weeks ago. Result on election day? My blood pressure is 106 over 70. Serene

I’ve sworn not to touch the news until I wake up tomorrow morning. But then, why not keep it up? How many days before I learn who is POTUS through someone mentioning his name inadvertently?

An interesting experiment.


I am just happy to be on my off time, not on the boat.

Locked and loaded, powder is dry. Let’s hope that people keep calm and accept the result, no matter what it is.


I wonder if we’ll see the value of oil and gas stocks plummet if Trump loses.

I doubt electing another President will stop the sky rocketing prices of the last few years

More likely to continue plummeting if he wins it seems.
Largest US O&G company stocks since 2017:
Exxon down 60%
Chevron down 40%
Chesapeake down 100%
ConocoPhillips down 38%
Occidental Petroleum down 80%

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I have the impression that the final tally will take longer and the wait won’t be pretty.

I was sailing between ports in SE Africa during the 2000 presidential election. Our news of the world came via a one page mimeographed shipboard “news” paper. There was a short paragraph reporting that the outcome of the US election was in doubt due to hanging chads. Without any background information, it had us all scratching our heads wondering what the hell these chads had to do with the election. Not knowing didn’t bother me at all.


These stock have fallen in spite of Trump, Biden has repeatedly promised that he will implement policies that will lead to the end the oil and gas industry in America.

If Trump wins oil and gas stocks might keep going down in value in the near future, but a Biden victory might directly cause stocks to fall even more rapidly.

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I wish you all a safe and calm election night and the days to follow.
Hopefully nobody start any trouble because they don’t like the result (or lack of instant answer)


Sounds about right for this election…Something bad happens under Trump it’s in spite of Trump; Something bad happens under Biden it’s because of Biden.

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Trump isn’t talking about ending the oil and gas industry, Biden is. Whoever gets elected will have a direct impact on O&G share prices.

Electing someone who plans on ending a particular industry isn’t going to exactly have a positive effect on that industry.


Also typical for this election: misinformation. Not fracking in public land doesn’t “end the oil and gas industry”. It ends fracking on public land.


1 day, there will be a thread started probably tonight at midnight mentioning the name of the new President.

give it a break

But it may have a positive effect on other industries, like renewable energy etc.

Stopping the trade war, re-joining and ratifying the various international treaties and agreements may also have a positive effect on the US and world economy.


Nice self-portrait. I can see why the nick Knothead. (Joke)

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Good for you. Not only does it help with the blood pressure it helps with practicing self control which comes in handy when you have no other choice. The senior priest where we attend mass called a second lent that ended at midnight of Nov 3rd. With the coronavirus, negativity in the media & nasty politics of 2020 he thought most of us needed to re-center on what is important. Good idea. You didn’t miss anything, the same old bullshit except now your mental & physical health is better.

I think a lot of people will be getting their blood pressure up over the next few days, might be better to keep ignoring the media.

Trump is looking good. I’m happy … for the world. His record over 47 months eclipses whatever Joe achieved in 47 years.

But the US must get a system that produces results on Election Day.

Well, the electoral college is doing it’s utmost to ruin another election. Thankfully, enough states are going Biden. Looks like Mich., Wisc., and possibly Penn. are going to come through.