Joe Biden Wins U.S. Presidency

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And now starts the real trouble?
“This isn’t over until the fat lady sings”. (Read; " the orange man concede")

Fat change he will until carried out of the White House by Secret Service:
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Oh, it’s over.

Anyone who thinks it isn’t is delusional.

Trump can cry a great cry all the way to 1/21/21, and that’s about it.

Americans made it clear, “Donald Trump… you’re fired.”



@ ShooterMcGavin
Just a question…how would you feel if it is soon proven that electoral fraud got Biden the win? Is there room for cheating as long as they get rid of Trump? Does the end justify the means? Interested in your thoughts.


No, no room for cheating. But until it’s proven there was voting fraud it doesn’t matter. Please provide some evidence.


I’ll be anxious to see what exactly joe and kamala are going to do differently to deal with the pandemic. I say, bring it on. You think you can do better? Now is your chance to prove it. There were never any clear answers about this in the debates i saw…just vague and cryptic answers while condemning the trump administration for their lack of response to it.

Wanting to go green and being anti-oil is always an interesting topic. Like it or not, oil production and transportion affects our industry one way or another. If i was only 10 years from retirement, i wouldn’t care…but will those of us that have 20-30 years left still have jobs with this kind of ideology?


Nail in the coffin for the gulf

I couldn’t vote for Hillary or Trump in '16 & expected the worst when Trump won. I’m happy to say I was pleasantly surprised by the job he did. My taxes went down, my investments went up, we didn’t start any wars, he acknowledged the trade war that China has been waging against us for decades, we had the lowest unemployment rate in over a half a century & minorities did better than ever when it came to jobs & opportunities. 4 years later & again I’m concerned about the policies & direction that our new leader will take us. In the next 4 years I expect taxes to go up on middle class & upper middle class saps like myself. I expect us to spread death & destruction on some poor brown people somewhere in the name of “fighting for our freedom”. I expect PMI & consumer/investor confidence to take a dip & the post pandemic unemployment rate for African Americans to go back up to where it was before Trump took office, maybe even higher. But if I could be wrong about that nutcase Trump then hopefully I can be wrong about Biden now. My consumer/investor confidence is a little bit lower right now but I am going give President-elect Biden the benefit of the doubt. My crap talking days about him are finished unless he blatantly goes out of his way to deserve it.

Congratulations to Biden, Harris & their supporters. I wish us all peace & prosperity with the new POTUS, VP & the direction they lead us. Glad the election is over.


You are wise beyond your years Sand_Pebble. Protect your shit as best you can for now. Higher taxes are coming, but continue to invest for your future, regardless of what the next four years brings. Biden wants to take an additional 7% out of my capital gain, I am not rich nor poor but you have much more time to build wealth than me. Be prudent my friend.


I too agree with Sand Pebble.

But as for your capital gains @SeaEagle , you must be more rich than you let on. Biden’s tax plan calls for no increase in short term cap gains unless you make more than $400K, and no increase in long term cap gains unless you make over $1 mil. Either way as a retiree I’d put you in the rich category…wish I were so lucky!


No sir, I am not in the category you think I am. I wish your assumption was correct. I do not make more than 400k per year, never have. I am lucky to have decent retirement funding, but still have a concern Mr Biden will take more of my shit. Despite his promises not to.

I have some pot stocks & an etf that I think will double or triple before January. One, sndl, I hope doubles on Monday. But my oil & gas investments will probably take a beating. If we put the World Policeman hat back on the oil & gas stuff will go back up. Even if we went full fledged communism I would still find a way to invest in something. I would probably try to get rich selling sickle & hammer memorabilia.

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To turn around the election figures in favor of Biden, as is suggested by Trump that this was the case, requires a kind of military operation, carried out with military precision and timing, with thousands of people involved, carried out in total secrecy and that simultaneously in a number of states. No way that you can pull this off without this being discovered.

In the mean time Israël’s prime minister Netanyahu was one if the first to congratulate Biden with his victory. So far for good friends… A lot of politicians are sworn opportunists only out for their personal gain, also here.

According to US law Trump remains Potus for two months to enable Biden to take over. I assume Trump will in the meantime show the election was manipulated. We will see.

They don’t care. Any repercussions will be swept under the carpet with the new administration. They own the levers of power apart from one or two.

Good for you sir. Had a conversation a while back when someone asked how do I trade. My answer " I buy old guy stuff". Dude looked at me and said “You are an old guy”. I said yes son, I am. LOL . Been through many elections, the tortoise always beats the hare. He smiled as we got out of the cart for the next tee.

I came across an interesting perspective pasted below. There’s more, but this will do for now.

Only votes received by Game Day count – unless a State’s Legislature changed law – so Trump won

The U.S. Constitution is plain and clear on this. Only the legislature of a state has the authority to make its election laws – period – no one else.

The Democrat-run State Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, for example, ordered poll personnel to accept votes after election day – an authority it does not have – as Pennsylvania law says only those received by Election Day are valid.

Pennsylvania Secretary of State, Kathy Boockvar, defied the U.S. Supreme Court’s order to open the ballot counting process to observers as well as a separate order to segregate post-election ballots – both of which she ignored.

She kept the fraud going for days and ‘found’ a million or more new ballots marked only for Joe Biden, to put him over the top – in an election Trump had won quite handily on Election Day.

And that’s just Pennsylvania.

In Michigan, 138,000 votes were delivered to the ‘closed’ poll counting station by a Ferrari, a white van, and a Dodge Charger 300 at 4 a.m. – the day after the election, all for Joe Biden – and counted illegally, to put Sleepy Joe Biden over the top in that key state – which was actually won by Trump.

In North Carolina, my home state, the unelected Democrat Board of Elections ordered their poll-packers to keep running through extra votes for Joe Biden for up to nine days after election – in direct violation of State law.

U.S. Code 3 USC §5 was designed to settle these disputes, and requires the governors to confirm that it was settled per state law and procedures – which none of these Democrat-run States can do as they violated their own laws and the U.S. Constitution to make Biden the winner.

Their protestations are meaningless once these cases reach the U.S. Supreme Court – which make no mistake – is their ultimate destination.


Jughead, you seem to be privy to a lot more information than the general public on this side of the pond. Why is that and what are your sources? And if true, why aren’t these allegations being investigated?

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Jared’s already investigated it. WH sources say they are trying to calm the temper tantrum and get a concession.

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