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I tried a forum search, but that didn’t work out well.

What I am looking for is advice about the ideal work pant brand. I currently wear denims (very impractical and not meant for hot weather) and any advice would be greatly appreciated. I work Deep Sea & deck.


Duluth or Carhartt

Light weight short sleeve dickies coveralls are nice when its hot outside.

I like to wear Columbia blood and guts Pants or the silver ridge cargo pants when it is hot. But they aren’t much protection from scratches or impacts. Most people coveralls where I am at.

[QUOTE=Tugted;177132]Duluth or Carhartt[/QUOTE]
Duluth really good, water resistant, protection using them mostly.

Carhartt work dungarees. Thinner than denim but tough. Last pair last two years with decent ship work abuse.

I like the Riggs work wear pants in the ripstop material. They are made by Wrangler have a gusseted crotch and are cooler than jeans. They hold up to some abuse too. I buy mine from Denim Express.

I’ve switched from Carhartt to Blaklader which are from Sweden but have become fairly available in the US. They are much more durable than Carhartt for a slight price premium with an option for well integrated knee pads and very useful cargo pockets. I like brawny pants for winter wear and bantam pants for summer wear but you can also get even heavier pants or high viz pants now too.

Duluth trading firehose pants or prison blues jeans only way to go

Dickies 874 Original Fit. For hot weather I wore US Navy issue blue coveralls…I have a 20 y/o pair still in use.

Who needs pants? I work in the buff.

[QUOTE=PaddyWest2012;177327]Who needs pants? I work in the buff.[/QUOTE]

well that could be hazardous which is why I wear a Utilikilt

[QUOTE=c.captain;177330]well that could be hazardous which is why I wear a Utilikilt


Any recommendations what wear under the kilt, or is that a Scottish secret??

[QUOTE=ombugge;177331]Any recommendations what wear under the kilt, or is that a Scottish secret??[/QUOTE]

that’s where we hide our "bag"pipes…

I like BDU style pants. I honestly can’t function with out the cargo pockets. Tried wearing some blue jeans a few hitches ago, half way through my first watch I was back in my BDUs.

They are made from fit stop fabric and are light weight and say so much faster then denim.

Thanks renoun. Unfortunately, your advice was read by me a bit late as I had already placed an order for Carhartt 101560 Force Rugged Flex Cargo Pants (Shadow/Gray, else I’d have definitely gone with Blaklader (Have bookmarked them for future purchase). That gray color was important as it hides all the dust from chipping + grease stains :slight_smile:

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[QUOTE=c.captain;177336]that’s where we hide our "bag"pipes…[/QUOTE]

Umm c.c … I think he was asking what do you wear under that, not what you hide under that :slight_smile:

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[QUOTE=PaddyWest2012;177327]Who needs pants? I work in the buff.[/QUOTE]

Was a proper JSA done??!? :slight_smile:

Why buy $60 pants to work on deck? Go to Walmart and buy the dickies for $23!!! They last just as long as the carharrts! Once they’re covered in grease and rust you can’t tell the difference! Or better yet go to the Salvation Army and buy jeans for $3 and throw them out after the hitch…

Buy one get one old navy jeans for $10 when they’re on sale. Save my heavy work pants for home, where I really work.

I go to the thrift store, buy double knit polyester slacks like we used to wear in the 70’s for practicaly nothing. They come in many styles and hi vis colors. Thats cause im a groovy dude. The only drawback is they could melt to your nuts in the e/r but other than that…im stylin’

Great post Dude! Lmfao